Did you ever hear of 'Colloidal Silver' ??

reneenyMarch 14, 2011

Searching on the web can't remember what place but they mentioned this stuff Colloidal Silver is like an antibodic. Did you ever hear of it? I guess it's a holisic web or something that I read it.


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Yes....I have heard of it and worked with medications containing silver. Silver is a heavy metal. Sound familiar? Perhaps....lead is also a heavy metal and ingestion of heavy metals can lead to heavy metal poisoning. Can a salve find its way into gut? Uhm, animals groom themselves. Silver can also permanently tint skin an tissues grey. That is a condition called argyria. Yes, it can have antibiotic properties......like in salves for serious burns and occular use, but that is done by a professional using FDA approved medications.

I have no knowledge of that particular product so am not condemning or condoning it. I'm just saying you should research it and understand what you are reading before considering a product like that before you make your decision to use it.

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Why would that be "spammy"?

YES, I have heard of it and I have used it with great results on some of my cats. I first learned about it on a holistic cat forum, and have read about it in holistic pet magazines. I have used it to clean superficial wounds on a stray that I recently brought in, also to treat a flare up of herpes on my senior cat (extreme caution of cleanliness there!). And also ear yeast problems for another cat of mine. I only use the 10ppm and a different brand from your site. I use 'Sovereign Silver'--recommended by other members on that forum (again 10ppm, not 30ppm although it can be used in more serious cases). Not all colloidal silver are equal, but that is beyond my understanding. You only need a couple of drops in a 1/4 cup of boiled, cooled distilled water. I also add a few drops of goldenseal root, alcohol free tincture. It is great for bacteria/germs. For topical use.
If you need more info, e-mail me. If interested, I strongly recommend the yahoo group "The Whole Cat Health".

Congratulations for considering alternative approaches. They are safe when you know what you are doing!


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Sorry I am not trying to spam anyone. I was just trying to show the picture of the bottle that I heard of. There is so much info on silver, that's is scary. So I thought if I could find someone that actually used it, would help, thats all.

Its tougher than I thought it would be feeding a feral cats that ended up in the neighbor. I know I am new to this, and been searching about TNR also. This guys are great boys, they are just afraid of people.

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"There is so much info on silver, that's is scary"

The main risk with colloidal silver (at least in people) is Argyria which causes a grey coloring to the skin but if you look at the cases of Argyria (and there really are only a few) they are almost always caused by people making their own colloidal silver (you can buy a device to do this) and drinking the home made concoction and really you have no idea how strong it is (this is definitely something to avoid in my opinion). The colloidal silver that you buy is really a very different thing and the colloidal silver I buy is about 15-20ppm.

It actually does work for a lot of complaints, things like conjunctivitis, stomach problems etc respond really well to it although Ive never tried it for wound cleaning.

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I thought it was damaging to your liver; remember the guy on tv, guest on Today show? His skin was kind of a deep blue/gray. He had been taking the colloidal silver for years and he had a medical check-up and I believe he had some liver damage.

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I did read that was one of the side effects, grayish skin, but didn't read anything about liver damage.

Thinking of buying it for feral cats

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I said it was spammy because OP posted what looked like an ad on the same day they joined, no offense meant. Just tired of spammers!

What exactly are you wanting to accomplish with the silver?

Please keep looking into TNR. We have a feral female that had at least 3 litters before we could get her fixed, that was 4 yrs ago, she is in great health now, we don't have other ferals coming around our house, and she won't be having any more to add to the population. I'm glad we took the time (and money) to help her.

You can gain the ferals trust by feeding them at the same time every day, talk to them, slowly get closer to them, etc. We take the food up when Baby is done eating so we don't get other animals. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: alley cat allies - feral cat info

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Thank you.
The female cat was TNR. Mama kitty was a neighbor's in the court, she had her as a feral kitten. She kept two of her kittens from 2 yrs ago. I spoke to the neighbor and she said she couldn't catch her with a trap, that she tried.

Over the summer I think the mama cat got bite by something because she was laying in the abandomed property for days. She would just sleep, but not move. That's when I found these guys. I gave the mama cat, milk, half and half, and water. After 2 days she finally got up and walk around. I couldn't get threw to the property at the time. It's a forclosure property. I finally convience the mama to come threw the hole of the fence to eat. I sat there all summer with her, no touching...LOL! I was on unemploymnet so I could do that.
Then she finally came closer to my backdoor, still no touching. I found a women who traps for TNR, and we got a trap. Took another 3 weeks but we finally caught her. That's when I found the babies. That's why she wouldn't leave that property. I called That Neighbor told her we did a TNR on the mama kitty. And since she was released I haven't seen her since. BUT, that neigbor finally put food out and mama kitty did show up there (her orginally home) So that was good......I wasnt sleeping too good thinkingshe was in the woods dying or something. Cause TNR is rough, Trap, Neuter and then Release, with no one watching how your doing......ERRRR. The trapper did keep her for 3 days after the operation, so that was good.

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