Promeris--how long does it stink?

Fori is not pleasedMarch 8, 2011

My mangy pup is wearing his first treatment of Promeris and it smells quite a bit (the whole house smells). It's been three hours. I'm sure it's worse for the poor little doggy, but the humans are suffering. How long does this stuff smell?


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Several days. BTW, according to most of my clients, it works great the first month, not so great the second month, and not such much at all after that.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks. Pee yew!

Do your clients find it stops working for the Demodex or all the critters on the label? All we need is fleas, mange, AND a smelly dog!

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I haven't had success in using promeris as the sole medication for demodex- I use ivermectin too. It stops working for fleas is my clients' complaint.

That smell is really bad. We got a free sample for all our pets last year and thankfully I didn't use it on my own dogs. YUCK! Like used motor oil.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks for the info!

Ug. They must have reformulated it. Used motor oil smell would be a blessing. Luckily after the first day the smell was mostly confined to the dog instead of permeating the whole house. The puppy is popular again! :)

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I have had similar experiences with Promeris, at least as a drug for Demodex. Worked rescue for 6 years and been very disappointed how well it has worked for this mite, though I haven't noticed a problem with its activity against fleas... I too have had to go back to ivermectin. We see SO many Chihuahuas with Demodex... incredible numbers. Not sure why these dogs are so prone, but perhaps has something to do with crappy diets (and poor breeding). Now the number one resuce breed in So Cal (just edging out pit bulls).

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