10 year old cat has had 3 strokes in past 2 months!

RachelGMarch 29, 2013

I have a 10 year old female cat (kittygirl) and in the past 2 months she has had 3 strokes! I've had her in and out of the vets office trying to figure this out. But the vet seems to be at a slight loss. The only thing hes saying is brain tumor but doesnt give me any options on what to do for it. It might be long to read but this is what has happened.

The start of February was the first stroke . Shes wobbly, cant stand up, head tilted (along with body), Meowing loudly(shes never been a vocal cat) and sometimes looks around as if shes confused.

I brought her to the vet i had been seeing at the time and the answer she game me was a stroke but the doctor said I needed to put her to sleep. Needless to say I was devastated but I still wanted another opinion. So we went to another vet and they were very understanding. He gave her a shot of corticosteroid and some vitamins and sent me home. She improved significantly, and over the next 4 weeks was back to being normal!

Then last Saturday she had another stroke. I went to the vet right away and he gave her the same shot, but prescribed me Prednisone steroid pills. So I have been following the instructions closely (half a pill every other day) On the days i don't give her the pill she is fine walking around and even playing but about 4 hours after the steroid she acts as if shes had another stroke. I know it could be a coincidence but it just seems to consistent for it to be that. The vet says its not the pill but I'm still not sure.

I took her for blood work to check for any outside factors other than the brain but the results came back normal and she tested negative for all diseases. She was even tested for diabetes which came back perfect. The only possible diagnosis my vet has said is either shes having frequent mini-strokes or she has a brain legion/tumor.To get an accurate reading I would need to bring her for an MRI or CT scan but those are insanely expensive and I have no insurance on her (shes been blessed with no health problems her entire life.)

Does anyone have advice for me? Have you been in this situation before? She eats and drinks like normal, shes doesn't have seizures, and uses the litter box regularly. I just don't know what to do for her.

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Have either of the vets who have examined your cat mentioned the possibility of vestibular disease? I urge you to do a Google search on vestibular disease in cats and read up on it. The link below notes several potential causes of balance and equilibrium problems in cats, including vestibular.

This link also provides some questions and answers related to feline balance problems (scroll down to find the relevant questions).


Here is a link that might be useful: Equilibrium problems in cats

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Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it, Laurie!

The first thing I asked the vet I'm currently seeing was about vestibular disease because she has all the symptoms. He didn't believe that was the case though.

A couple hours after my original post, I had an even bigger scare. She had two brain seizures. Now the vet believes she is either epileptic or keeping with the original diagnosis of a tumor. We have her on epileptic medication to see if it helps.

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Oh, Rachel, I'm so sorry. It sounds like things are going from bad to worse for kittygirl. The only other thing I can think to recommend is to get her to a university vet school clinic, if possible. That's where you'll find a lot of veterinary specialists and specialized diagnostic equipment under one roof. If a definitive diagnosis and effective treatment plan can be established, that's where it's most likely to happen.

Please keep us updated. I wish you and kittygirl the best possible outcome.


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Thank you so much for the suggestions and support, Laurie! I'll definitely try to find a university clinic around my area and see what I can do for her. The doctor said shes not in pain during/after the seizure, which is such a huge relief. I was extremely worried about that. Watching her seize was one of the most horrifying things I have experienced.

I'll post any progress! Thank you so much!


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