Fog can be a challenge....

juanitalMay 8, 2012

Though love the dreamy look of fog in a real scene when you look at on screen I think it needs a slight pop! Im out of here for fog in mornings, especially as the sunrises become earlier time wise!

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Love the second one!

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I like the first one. The sharpness of the dark foreground tree acts as a counterpoint for the diffused effect of the fog in the background.

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Thanks Bigack and Zenman! I found that fog can be diffused at times and it enjoyit immensley naturally, But when you see layers, strands, you'd like to 'pop out' a little contrasting, etc is needed.

I was shooting in the morning with d-lighting-an in-camera option for contrasting light & shadows. I've been using it lately but have noticed with setting high it gives a lot of grain. So for Topaz Adjust workflow-I use the Denoise 1st then the TA 5 for poppin' these fog pics...above basic editing but its a fun software...

This is TA B&W-umber dynamic after the above processing....

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Re-do the second pic with fall colors. It coukd be a winner.

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They are all lovely. I especially like the sepia and bw ones, I think they really suit fog shots.

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THought about that Jem, will see if I have something that can. Thank you kindly everyone!

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