It's all about the angle

rcnaylorMay 13, 2007

Which angle do you like best; red yellow, blue or violet?

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They are all very nice angles. I like photo 1 and 3 the best. Looking at your photos, I can't see how you get to the bench.


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1 - beautiful colorful close-up of a garden bench.

2 - lovely picture of a garden featuring a bench and beautiful irises.

3 - lovely picture of a garden with a bench and gorgeous flowerbeds showing the house the garden belongs to.

4 - this one doesn't work for me, it somehow doesn't have balance though I can't explain why.

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Well, to keep the "game" going, here are a couple more shots. As you can see more easily from these, the bush on the southside of the arbor got a good bit of freeze damage from a late freeze here and had to be cut back quite a bit.

And, to answer Eric's good observation, the path curves on the right side, but some wooly thyme is going gangbusters at the opeing and doesn't leave a lot of pathway at the opening.

I tend to agree with Macbirch, the fourth one above isn't the best. I think all the greenery on the left side kind of takes away focus from the arbor.

It is funny how the photographer and the angle can play up the attractiveness of the scene, or take away from the niceness. Both these last angles accentuate the imbalance of the left bush and, while the colors up front are nice, don't make for a great result.

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I think it is beautiful from all angles. I would love to have a rosebush like yours.

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1. My favorite. The Jupiter's Beard compliments the Roses. And there is just enough yellow in the pansies for a little contrast. Very Lovely!

2. Too busy - my eye doesn't know where it wants to focus.

3 & 4. The open door of the garage is distracting.


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Ha, the open garrage door. Obviously, I'd never make it staging the pix with every detail in mind like the real photogs! And, now that you mention it, is a bit distracting.

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Know nothing about photography but you sure have a beautiful yard !

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Oh, I didn't even notice how uneven the arbor is in the earlier pictures. It didn't look perfectly evenly pruned but it didn't look like there was anything wrong with it either. Just a lovely natural rambling cascading style. The first of the new pictures really emphasises it. The second one has enough going on in the foreground and trees in the background that it isn't quite so starkly visible. Yes, it sure is a beautiful garden.

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Oh...what a beautiful yard, so many flowers, love that rose arch over the bench.
This yard sure gets you hopping!
Thanks for sharing!

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I vote for numbers 1 and 2. Beautiful garden!!

I think I'd be tempted to plop an angelic-looking child on the bench. :-)


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Thanks Konrad. Its too bad you can't drop by your equipment and photography skill and get some really good ones!

And, Susan, funny you should mention that. We were out working in the yard yesterday and a lady we didn't know pulled up, ushered a super cute little boy and little girl out of her SUV and asked if she could take her grandchildrens' pictures at the arbor.

Of course, we were happy for them to do that. But, I suspect the plan was to get the pics one way or another since both of them were dressed in "picture taking clothes" when they got here.

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I like all the pictures- I was so busy looking at the flowers I didn't notice the open door. Those roses are gorgeous.

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