Photo shoot

JeanInWaMay 18, 2013

Tomorrow, I'm going to be taking pictures of a friend's baby. I have a canon T4i with a 50mm prime lens, the 18-55mm kit lens, 18-135mm lens and a 100mm macro lens.

Any suggestions on what lens(es) to shoot with?

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I used to use a 28-200mm with macro lens that I used almost exclusively since it gave me the greatest versatility all in one lens, however, I always took other lenses with me just in case I needed a different lens for that 'perfect' shot.


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Well, thanks Kt..but I don't HAVE that lens
Also, I postponed the shoot, cuz I found out this morning my sister has 12-18 months to live

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Each lens you mentioned has it's benefits, so take them all and change them as you need them.

Sorry to hear about your sister, but from what I've noticed, when that much time is given, it's usually much longer, if not indefinitely and they live to be a ripe old age, so don't let the doctors get you too discouraged. Remember, predicting death is no easier than predicting lottery numbers. There is no proven or certain way of doing it.

She'll be in my prayers.


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thank you so muich Kt.

Like I said, we've postponed the shoot, so I'll take more time to play with the lenses.

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