Irises, too

alisandeMay 31, 2007

I was outside early this morning, looking to see what irises had opened up during the night. I wasn't disappointed!


Sweet Stuff:

And one from a couple of days ago, Mme. Henri Cayeux:

Many more still in the bud stage!


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Absolutely beautiful, Susan!

I have many Irises in bloom right now, but it's too windy to take pictures.

All mine are short this year, because of a very cold Spring. How 'bout yours?


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Uhhh, Mme, is a show stopper!

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Thanks, both of you. Julie, I've noticed that with some of them, but didn't connect it to the weather. Some will be new to me this year, so I just thought they were unusually short for TBs. :-)

Sweet Stuff is quite tall, as is Starlit Velvet, which should be open tomorrow. And there's a dark purple still in the bud stage that towers over Screenplay. I hope I can figure out what it is when it blooms...


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Some of my irises are short, too, this year. Beautiful irises!!!

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Very beautiful!!


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