High water in our yard...3 pictures...

joanmnMay 2, 2008

we live right on a river (we're back home in MN). We are in no danger of flooding, but we sure have lots of water. And it has rained all day today.


Canon Digital Rebel 400D.


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Joan, you're supposed to be living on a river... not IN a river!

Wow, so glad to hear there isn't a threat to your home.

We have just the opposite problem down here. Here are some pics I took a couple of weeks ago at our main lake in this region Lake Meredith when it was at an all time low (dropped another foot since):

Wife walking on lake bottom and where she should be under about 20 feet of water

my car parked at a boat dock slip

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Lovely reflection shots, Joan!
I love the birdhouse!

Interesting shots...especially the color of the lake bottom.
It's always awful when a watercourse goes this low, hopefully it will turn around.

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That is unbelievable. I remember when we saw Lake Mead, we were shocked at how low it was/is.

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