rcnaylorMay 10, 2010

I took this one while I was out on my bike early one morning last weekend. I kinda liked the truck up on the intetstate overpass, sun coming up, the clouds...

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This is great image, very cool capture.

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I likes, too! Great timing, RC!

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This is neat!..thanks for sharing!

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Fabulous color. Did you edit it in a photo editing program or did the picture just come out that way? Very striking photo, RC!

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Thanks guys. awm03, the picture was edited some in a free editor called Picasa. It has a tool called shadows that tones down the brightness some. This usually makes the colors a little deeper. But, the clouds that morning were actually a deeper blue than what the picture shows. You know how hard it is to capture the true colors of a scene even with a little editing. Especially when you are shooting in to the sun.

I read the other day about a new camera that is going to help with that problem in camera. It will actually take two pics back to back, one set to the bright areas in the frame the other to the dark, then it will combine both into one picture. Sounds like a great improvement to me.

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I read about that camera too and can't remember which brand.

Picasa! That's good to know. I just downloaded it.

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