Crack in vanity top

KatamboFebruary 3, 2013

I was given what appeared to be a new light emperador double bowl vanity.
When I first looked at the piece it seemed fine. When I got it home I noticed a very slight crease in the top. Maybe a crease is not the best word. Upon further examination it appeared to be a crack. It followed the grain and went from on side of the slab to the other and even to the beveled edge. It also appeared to be on the unfinished side. There is also second one from the rear edge of the vanity to the bowl. This countertop is still in the original shipping crate. Is there any hope to salvage this beautiful vanity?

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You can inject some 2 part clear epoxy into it, but you were given a "second" with poor quality stone and an even poorer fit for the undermount sink. I know it seems counter intuitive to throw something pretty away, but you'd be better off not putting that into your home. It will eventually crack somewhere else, and the caulk that is the only thing between you and a wet vanity cabinet will degrade and leak at some point. It's a given that you will need to do a monthly inspection on it and keep it up.

If you can't cut it into coasters and salvage the sink for something else, it belongs in the rubbish bin from which it was rescued.

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