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soilenthusiastFebruary 2, 2014

Dear All,

Everyone on GardenWeb has been of great assistance in our kitchen remodel. We have a kitchen layout, but I was curious to hear any thoughts before we finalize things. A couple of comments:

1) We will have a Miele 36" induction cooktop.
2) Our architect left 42" for a fridge, I believe, but we'll just be using a 36" which gives us extra space for the pantry.
3) We are adding a small second sink in the island, close to the cooktop.
4) Not in the plan, but the little nook area has space for a 42" round table with two chairs on the outside.

5) Our biggest concerns are not having any "mudroom" space when we walk in from the back, but we tried everything, and since it was important for us to have a breakfast nook space in the room and not lose too much counter space, that was the one thing that had to go. Maybe we can build in some cubbies or a little area for shoes, keys, "stuff" in the island or in the drawers near the back door.

6) Also, will we have enough upper cabinet space? We're already concerned that the uppers on the side of the cooktop may encroach too much on that countertop space which would make it an unpleasant space for cook prep, but maybe it'd be fine.

7) I was thinking of swapping the pantry and fridge, only because in some photos we've seen having the fridge and a double oven next to each other doesn't always look that great. (We're probably going KitchenAid double oven and 36" counter depth fridge)

We appreciate any thoughts you may have. Our next step is to design cabinets and figure out where everything will go.


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I agree with you about the position of the fridge and pantry, I don't particularly like the way it looks with the fridge and wall ovens next to each other either. As far as the mudroom dilemma, you really need to think about how your family functions and design a space to meet those needs. We don't have a good "landing zone" for my purse, mail and other things brought in the house and it drives my husband nuts! I am working on a solution in the laundry room, which is the entry to the house from the garage.

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As far as prep space by the stove, can you see yourself doing most prep on that nice island? It seems a perfect spot for prep. If so, consider having the prep sink down towards the other end on the sink side of the kitchen. That way you keep clear the island space nearest the stove for prepping AND someone else can get a drink of water or wash their hands without coming into your work zone at either sink. Swapping the fridge with the pantry, sounds like a smart idea. Less traffic into the work zone by fridge 'starers'.

Ok, so I'm waiting for DH to decide to put up the BS tile and thought I'd play around with your image. How about a shallow cabinet on the end of the banquette kind of like in the picture? That might be a handy drop place for keys, mail,etc. It wouldn't have to eat up too much of your seating... even 6" deep total would be something. I moved your fridge and pantry and put a prep sink on the end where I like it :).

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Thank you for your replies. Deedles: thanks for the helpful layout. I see the advantages of your placement of the prep sink. I hadn't thought of it there.

I'm still trying to envision how we'll actually work in this kitchen and the placement of the prep sink seems like the key ingredient. Does anyone else have thoughts about the ideal corner for the prep sink?

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I'd move the prep sink to the refrigerator SIDE of the island - whether you put it closer to the fridge or closer to the cooktop.

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Yes, definitely it should be on the other side. I guess I just plopped it there, but totally should be moved over by the fridge/stove if you put it on the island.

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I would put the prep sink on the corner of the island between stove and fridge so it's accessible from the cooking and baking sides. Handy when going from fridge to sink/prep and across to stove. Also handy for draining pots of hot water. We have ours situated that way...with the faucet on the diagonal, and it works great.

I'd really prefer the dw on the other side of the sink, so it's completely out of the work area, but that's difficult in your plan and the tradeoff may not be worth it.

If you could handle shortening the run to the left of the sink, you could consider shallow storage facing the doorway right at the end for catching keys and such. I'd strongly discourage using any part of the island as landing or dumping zone, as it might end up on top! My kids do that too often and it drives me nuts. ;-)

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Would you consider doing an under-counter oven or all-in-one cooking unit? If you did this, you could slide the pantry and fridge down closer to the stove. This would free up 30" along the fridge wall directly across from the door for a coat cupboard/drop zone for keys, mail, etc. You wouldn't have room for the drawer stack displayed here, but the 30" could be used something like the little bench and hook area would fit. Maybe a shallow drawer could go under the seat for mail, or it could go in the baskets above, or even in a shallow box hanging on the side wall.

Traditional Laundry Room by Oregon City Design-Build Firms BC Custom Construction

Even if you want to retain the wall oven stack, by reducing the fridge space from 42 to 36, you've gained 6" of space that could be turned toward the den where a mail and key drop space could go.

Another 6" of space stolen from the pantry could yield a slightly shallower form of this:

Traditional Kitchen by Decatur Kitchen & Bath Designers Renewal Design-Build

Here's one that would fit in a tighter space:

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Polly Blair

This one takes up very little room:

Traditional Kitchen by Chilliwack Kitchen & Bath Designers Starline Cabinets

This one has brooms in it, but I can picture it being turned into a drop zone:

Traditional Laundry Room by Muncie Kitchen & Bath Designers Great Kitchens & Baths

It could look like this when closed:

Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Kitchen & Bath Designers Steve Bailey - Amish Custom Kitchens

Or this might even work at the end of your fridge-pantry run:

Farmhouse Entry by Austin Architects & Designers Tim Cuppett Architects

Mail piling up on the table and coats slung across chair backs can be frustrating. Hopefully you'll find a solution that works well for you. : )

Edited to add a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: See last post here for nice tall, shallow cabinet for coats, charging station

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Going to play devil's advocate. I think a landing zone from the back has taken over importance from other functions.

Soil, what is the wall-to-wall width of your kitchen?
Measurements seem to show from cabinet to cabinet, not from countertop to countertop or countertop to door fronts of "full face" units.

From the base cabinets to the island, with counter overhang there would be 3" less distance (each overhang 1 1/2"). This would mean only 39" aisle. That's tight for two people to be in the same area. It's bad at main sink, but on the other side of the island it would be even tighter, especially when any of the doors are open.

What actual depths are your pantry, fridge and wall ovens INCLUDING doors? Even if the fridge is "counter depth" this usually means the BOX is 24", but the doors still add anywhere from 2 - 3 1/2" in front, depending on model. Most wall ovens are more than 24" deep with the doors.

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Thanks everyone for all the advice. Very helpful!

Canuckplayer: We have 14 feet wall to wall, I believe, which gives us 42" between cabinets and island, but I see your point and I will check with architect and see if we *really* only have 39".

I haven't measured depths with doors, to be honest.

Hadn't even thought about that. But even if we were to disregard need for landing zone, I can't make the kitchen any wider. :(

Laughable: We really want induction and a double oven, so a range wasn't really ideal. Your suggestions are great, and I think we'll probably put a very shallow unit like the one you suggest in "Traditional Kitchen by Chilliwack Kitchen & Bath Designers Starline Cabinets" alongside the pantry facing perpendicular.

Rhome410: I thought about DW on left hand side - supposedly it's more ergonomic, too, but I didn't like the thought of the dishwasher so close to the rear door.

Do people have an opinion about best place for pull out trash? Some say near sink, others in island right behind main sink?

Thanks again

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So glad one of those pictures might work for you for your vertical landing zone. : )

As far as your trash pull-out goes, it will be most useful to you near your prep zone as this is where you are likely to generate the most refuse. I'd love to see it in the island, facing the stove, but I'm not sure how best to configure it with the prep sink down in that spot, too. Maybe under the sink itself?? If it was at the end of the island, it would be usable for both prepping and cleaning up after meals. It's a little tougher for quick junk-mail deposits, though. ; ) Maybe a small waste basket could go in the pantry for those.

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