My neck of the woods today

rcnaylorMay 1, 2007

No woods here, but, this is some of what it looked like

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Now that's what I call wide open spaces!
Is the body of water in the top pic the Gulf of Mexico?
4th picture - a type of Coreopsis?
5th picture - Phlox?

Very nice photos!

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Hey Julie. Thanks.

As to the real names for the wildflowers, someone who knows the first thing about them would have to say. I'm pretty limited to "there's a nice yellow one, a different kind of yellow one...." Your guesses sound like good ones though.

And, on your question about the top pic, looking back on it I can see what you mean. But, I have to tell you Julie, actually, it couldn't be much further from your guess. It is looking out over the vast vistas of the Canadian River breaks north of Amarillo. What you can see is the far rise of the river lands on the other side miles and miles off with a little humidity/haze in the air off in the distance this morning when I took the picture giving it some color.

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Nice pictures!...also like the open space!!
thanks for sharing!


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