This just amazes me...

bigackMay 6, 2007

Boys went to Kentucky Derby yesterday, son took this of the stands up above, I can't believe the people. He said there were 150,000 plus people there, plus the Queen.

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Yes, that was an awesome race...Did you watch the winner come up from 19th to winner?...

It's just a race that happens a few minutes, I'm not into whos good or not...but I felt myself cheering for whatever horse was going...

They showed the queen there, but didn't know it was her...there was no big to-do or anything, so when I did see that little part where they focused on her I thought was....'How could that be her?'...Though my dh told me that was something she always wanted to see 'A Kentucky Derby Race' afterwards....then of course the media afterwards, too...

This is their 133rd KDR...they prepare for it...and I do not understand how it just goes by so unnoticed...unless your into-it...

An exciting less than two minutes...Street Sense won...

Thanks for sharing, Bigack...makes the news a little more personal....


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I lived in Louisville from 1981 to 1984. If you don't live there you can't imagine what a big deal the Derby is. I worked for a large national company that had offices downtown. Everyday at noon during Derby week we stopped work and the whole office (about 50 people) went to the beer/bluegrass/great food tents set up downtown (nowhere near the track) and partied all afternoon. For a week! It was insane. During the rest of the year no one would have dreamed of drinking on company time.

Even if you don't follow horse racing you can't help but get caught up in the event and know all the horses running, who trained them, who's going to ride them, etc.

If you weren't going to the race then you prepared elaborate parties with your neighbors and friends. And of course, you had to wear a hat. Well, not a hat, it had to be A HAT !!!.

Great memories! Thanks for triggering them!

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That is an awesome picture as was the race. I watched it on tv and if you blinked it was over. Just amazing how Street Sense went from 19th place to first.

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