Look At This Funny Kitten!!!

juitsamedina70March 11, 2013

hahaha....these little kiitens crack me up.

I Was Looking at this video while i was drinking coffe and guess what happen.......i dropped it on my shirt.....thank God It wasnt that hot...

I hope you guys enjoy this, Im new Here And I Thought I introduce myself with this.Oh, Iôm a Cat Person!


Here is a link that might be useful: Metatube

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Pretty funny. Re the cat that is reaching under the door and springing the door stop - wouldn't that sound just get to you after awhile? lol

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hahahha...yeah, I Know What You Mean.......Did U See The Cat Thatôs Sitting On A Chair, He Scratches A Cat Thats Passin By And Then That Cat Hits The One That Was Behind Him, I Guess He Tought That He Was The One That Scratched Him.....That One Was My Favorite...

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