Worming multi-cats (outdoor)

carmen_grower_2007March 25, 2010

I am using Pyrantel and the vet says I don't need to worry about over-dosing but this is difficult. Today, I set out separate dishes for all and put their solution on a small amount of tuna. Well, they all stuck their noses up and walked away!

Eventually, one of the cats seems to want to eat all of it. I took it away, but wonder how on earth I get this stuff down them all. They all eat outdoor-critters as well as kibble inside so I am assuming they all have worms. I often wonder if it even matters since I am sure most all wild animals have worms and live with them.

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Get Profender if you can touch the cats. Or give each cat their dose orally - Pyrantel is easily administered, if you can restrain a cat for long enough to squirt the meds in the mouth.

You can also trap, fork - and do injectable wormer. That is what I have to do with some of my semi-ferals.

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Let 'em skip a meal-
that always makes me eat whatever's on my plate!

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Long boring story, but I recently learned about using food grade diatomaceous earth for internal parasites. It's rather cheap and safe, but very effective. It is a little funny tasting (tastes like a pond to me), so I'm not sure if they would reject it- you probably couldn't feed it in kibble either- it kind of mixes into watery stuff (and should be fed for a few days). I don't know if this could help you in any way, but figured I'd mention it as a possible solution that's rather safe- if you can find a way to get it into them! Best of luck.

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forgot about DE!

I've used DE (use food grade, not swimming pool grade, which has been processed & chemicalized & who knows what else), & have been happy with it.

I sprinkled it on top of their feed, but you could mix it with canned food or yogurt.

I always get Dannon plain, (*not* low-fat) yogurt,
since cats don't need sugar & so forth.

This kind of yogurt comes in a white carton with blue letters, & the list of ingredients is "pasteurized milk".

I get the quart size.

Best luck!

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I am and always was a great fan of DE. I use it monthly along with kelp meal mixed with of tuna for the cats. But -- they still have worms occasionally. Maybe, the DE needs to be in their food more often, but I hate to give the cats tuna too often and they won't eat anything else with it on there.

Still -- DE is great in the ears for mites and in the fur for fleas and ticks! We always bought it in 25# bags for the chickens when we had them and still have plenty, so we use it regularly.

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