Would you result the size of your photo collection to save space?

bug_girlMay 8, 2007

I have so many photos, and all saved in big size, I was thinking of saving them in a smaller size. I downloaded infranview and ran some batch size reductions, but I noticed the smaller photos were blurry, when I ran a slideshow. I am running windows vista. I would like to know what would be a good size for reduction, that would be big enough to make a nice slideshow, yet not as big as maximum size.

As you know when you have so many photos, saving them on DVD means you have to use a couple of them, and then I also have a back up portable hard drive, but I would like to be able to get them all on one DVD. I may not delete the larger ones, but at least I will them big enough and easy to store. I never make prints, the most I do is watch them in a slideshow.

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Me, personally, I would put them on DVD's (no matter how many it takes) and on my backup hard drive. Then I'd just delete them from my regular hard drive. If you use webshots software for your screensaver, you could put them in there after your backup and hard drive thing, and webshots would compress your pics. Then you have a slide show, and they look full sized, but take up way less space then uncompressed.

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Thanks I have webshots, but I don't pay for it. I ended up paying for photobucket. I was just wondering if there was an ideal size to save them, since not all of them are worthy of saving full size. I like to look back at them sometimes to see how I am progressing. The largest size is only good enough for really great photos, or if I am cropping them to see a flower or something like that. I have the best ones saved in special folders. I probably should pay for webshots, because it has too many ads for me to use anymore, but it has more room for descriptions. Photobucket is ok for linking, but I can't write any text about the images. If you lose your photos, can you use webshots to get them back? The thing is I save them on websites at small size, so they will appear faster on a slow computer, so if I only had that as a back up they would be too small, and now I am have so many that it would be too much work to go change that. Just a few years ago, most people had slower computer connections. Websites encouraged people to save them at a reduced size, back then. Now, they want me to save them full size. Things are changing.

I am very impressed with paint net, I found it on cnet. It's free and it's almost like photoshop.

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When I mentioned the webshots, I mean the free software you download, then load your own pics in it (they're not online, they're only on your hard drive). Then you can use your own pictures for your screensver and wallpaper.

I never heard of paint net, I'll have to check it out.

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I just noticed my mistake in the subject header, sorry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paint Net on Cnet

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