Nikon CoolPix S210

swanny_gardenerMay 9, 2008

I just received the Nikon CoolPix S210 as a gift. This is my very first digital camera, so I have a lot to learn.

I'll looking for some advice/information. For just general point and shoot pictures, which setting is best - auto or High ISO? The person at the store said auto is the worst and to just set it on the High ISO, but I'm not so sure.

Although I've read the manual I'm still confused. So any help would be much appreciated.

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The salesperson is dumb...Only use High ISO when absolutely necessary in low light situations. The higher the ISO the more "grain" will be apparent in the picture. IMO, grain looks neat (to a degree) in B&W but not so much in color.

I suggest do an online search of camera for beginners. learn abut ISO, Shutter speeds and apertures to start of. Having a good base of knowledge of how the camera works will help you create the artistic aspect of the picture you want to create.

if you have more detailed questions beyond that- you will- feel free to ask.

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The AUTO setting is a good place to start for a beginner. Like Zitro_joe says - keep that ISO as low as possible. If you are in low light you can get more pictures with a higher ISO - but they will be grainy.

Practice - practice - practice. Take as many pictures as you can. If you take 20 of something - you might get that really AWESOME shot! It doesn't cost anything to shoot digital - just upload them on your computer and look to see how you are doing.

I recommend lots of practice before you really need to get some good pictures. That way you are used to the camera and know what kind of shots you are capable of.

Have fun!

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Thanks for the info. Funny, my daughter said the same thing about the sales person - dumb. I will do just as suggested - educate myself and practice, practice, practice.

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