does anyone have a Kodak

Dee1May 30, 2007

z712is camera? I'm thinking of getting one, but I have 2 Sony's and I don't like either one all that well. I don't want to make mistake #3!

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Why don't you like the Sonys?

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I'm not even sure about that. I think it's more me than the cameras. I cannot get good pictures of my grandsons playing soccer. They all come out blurry. I think a camera with image stabilization will help. Do you have an opinion on that? If so I would like to hear it. I don't want to buy yet another camera and be unsatisfied. Thanks

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Sports action is very difficult to photograph. If your photos are blury it could be any or a combination of these reasons:

1. out of foucs -- it's hard to focus on moving subjects. You can usually tell if this is the problem because if the subject is out of focus the background may be in focus.

2. camera shake -- the shutter speed is too low to allow you to hand hold the camera. The camera should warn you when the shutter speed is slow, but virtually all cameras set this threshold too low. They don't warn you soon enough.

3. subject blur -- the kids are running, moving fast. Again the shutter speed is to low to freeze the action.

Image stabilization helps a little with number 2. It won't help with numbers 1 or 3.

I think you should look into how to use the Sonys and get the shutter speed faster -- suspect that's the cause.

Take Care

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