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ralfsmomMarch 5, 2010

how do i keep the next door neighbor's dog from pooping on my lawn & the neighbor 3 doors down that brings his dog up to the front on my yard and let it poop.i've had problems with both neighbors over other issues in the past,so there's no chance of dialoge with them. when i walk my dogs i always pick it up.ralfsmom

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There is really not much you can do, unless your city has a dog clean up act ... maybe turn on a sprinkler that will get the guy soaked.

If the next-door neighbor's dog is running loose, call the animal control.

I had that problem and dropped a couple of water balloons onto the sidewalk near the culprit.

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Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the yard. After doing this a few times, the dogs will find another yard to relieve themselves in. (BTW, this also keeps bunnies and cats out of your garden)

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Maybe you should walk your dog to their yards everytime he needs to take a potty break. :)

I have trouble with my neighbors' dogs too. Sometimes I just go out in my front yard with a rake and start flinging poop into their yards. I know they think I'm nuts but I don't care. I had a beautiful stand of flowers that came back every year until one of their dogs decided to urinate on it daily. I need to start calling animal control on them. Unfortunately there are dogs in the neighborhood who are loose but stay in their own yards mostly unless they see you and run down to say hello. If I call animal control on the offenders then their owners will probably call animal control on the other dogs just for retaliation. People suck! LOL

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Buy a ScareCrow.

Can't agree with the cayenne pepper. It's not the dog that's the problem, it's the owner. Use of pepper on any animal is cruel and even more so when it gets on animals that use their paws to wash their face and eyes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scarecrow

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Ive got to tell you about what my neighbor did when this happened to her, she picked up the poop and took it to there home and dumped it on there they never did it again

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I just went through this myself. I cleaned up the offending mess and put down a handful of small pieces of chicken. When the owner saw the dog eating something they quickly pulled the dog away and left. Happened twice. I never see them anymore.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Mazer, that is BRILLIANT!!! I know when I see my dog eating something off the ground, I go crazy. What a great way to handle the problem without actually hurting anyone!

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sometimes you would like to slap it in there face just kidding

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We are constantly picking up dog crap and we don't even own a dog. Today the neighbor 2 doors down stood on his back deck and watched his 3 dogs run towards our yard, to poop as usual. He looked right at me and said nothing. I asked if he owned our property he just waved his hand and continued to watch his dogs leave their "gifts". I have used everything . I am going to try the chicken. Mabe it will scare him.

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One might collect the poop and put it on his or her doorstep once or twice. If it continued, then maybe on their driveway. Tenth time under their car tire.

But first I might try the products such as Boundary and Critter Ridder (if the second is also for dogs) that I already have.

But even before that you need to assess the neighbors, their temper(s), and the chances of getting into a dispute/confrontation/whoknowswhat with them.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Wiccan4me, my town has a law about cleaning up after your dog, but you have to take a picture of the offender if you want to press your case. Stupid, I know.

But it occurred to me, especially because your neighbor is watching, keep a camera handy. You don't even have to really take a picture, just let him think you are. That should give him pause.

I did this once when young neighbor kids were riding a golf cart on the street, like maniacs. They aren't even old enough to drive. So I took out my phone and pretended I was taking their picture. I made sure they noticed me doing that. They immediately took the golf cart home and broke up their little party. Worked like a charm.

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