how long does it take for granite countertops to be installed?

karin_2015February 20, 2010

I did try to run a search of this forum before posting this question but I didn't find an answer...

**How long does it take to get granite countertops?

Our cabinets are in place so my next step is to have them measured for the granite. My contractor said he knows of a granite place that has good prices but he has not given me the contact information yet. I'm nervous because we should be moving into our house (with the reno) next week and we will be without countertops (and sink!) for an indefinate amount of time.

Just wondering from the time they come out to measure your cabinets to the day the granite is installed, how long is that process? Thanks in advance.

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My granite place told me a week to 10 days.

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Ours said 8-10 working days after he measured. They installed it on day 8.

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About 2 weeks for us. Have you already picked out your granite??

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thanks for your responses....well sounds like it will be shorter than the month time frame I had predicted! :), I havent picked out my granite yet. I am thinking I want a light brown/gold toned granite. I saw some St. Cecilia Gold and Kashmir Golds I've liked (researching online; probably should do that in person once I get this contact info from my GC!) My cabinets are Mable in a light, honey tone. I tried to attach a picture of them but I dont have the pictures on a digital camera so I cant upload it to photobucket. I only had pictures sent from my phone to my email and I cant figure out how to clip them over to this thread right now...i'm technically challenged.

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depends on the Fabricator and his back log - right now - many guys are slow,
so you may luck out and get a guy that can push a job through quickly...

it will depend on his back log of the # of jobs already on his production schedule...



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I think I figured out how to add pics of my kitchen. If you have any granite recommendations, please let me know:

floors are covered in dust in this's Oak Cocoa and is pretty when it's clean (for the 10 seconds it was clean after first being installed.)

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We've actually been seeing a big increase in countertop jobs, so our lead times from our fabricator are around 4-6 weeks.

Giallo Veneziano with a good amount of black in the slab would look good with your spice maple cabinets if you're going for a lighter tone.

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I was told 7-10 days and it took 7. However, I looked for awhile before deciding. You might consider starting your search at granite yards.

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Do you have to use the fabricator your contractor suggests? If not post your location here and people might be able to make suggestions for fabricators.

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We picked ours out on saturday and by thursday they were here installing them.They first told us up to 2 weeks.I can only assume they had a cancelation and put us up first.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback so far.

We live in Madison, WI. The fabricator my GC was talking about is somewhere in Chicago. Any suggestions for pplaces around here would be great.


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There should be a number of Fabricators closer to you than Chicago -
I used to live in New Berlin, and had my business there in the Milwaukee
area for 12 years before I moved to AZ in 1992.....

Hmmmm - let's see - there's Peter & Monica Pakalski at Granite Resources in Nashotah
(they taught me a lot back in the mid 80's when I first started fabricating...)

then there's...........

Matt Lansing at Stone Innovations in Plover,

Mike Janssen at Stone Encounters in Kaukauna,

Mike Baum at Baum Marble & Granite in Mukwanago,

Gary Anderson at Anderson Granite Works in Menomonee Falls,

Brian Stone at Midwest Tops in Greenfield,

and Jerry Barbian at Bella Tops in Grafton...

Obviously I cn't speak for any of them and tell you that they would all
come to do your project there in Madison - you'll have to contact each one
to find that out on your own, but I KNOW that each one of these companies
have super high quality work to the highest of ethics - otherwise I would not
be recommending them.....

I don't know anyone right in Mad-City per-se' who's a Fabricator....
(GO BADGERS!!! WOOO HOOOO - My Alma Matter! YAY) ....sorry...

but ALL of the folks I have mentioned above - have what
it takes to perform the Fabrication for you and give you TOP QUALIITY...
and I would recommend ANY of them in a heart beat because the ALL
have integrity and quality in the way the do business......



Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Fabricator's Alliance Map

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Hi Kevin--Thanks, you are a HUGE help. I will check out those places you listed above. :)

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Hey, Karin and AZstone! I'm in New Berlin, WI, too (and a Badger alumni as well - Go Red!)

We are using a fabricator in Ixonia called Designs in Marble. We are working with Richard and Barb, who have been extremely helpful (and patient with us as we hem and haw over decisions). Richard told us that installation would be about 3 days from when they measure. We just signed our contract yesterday, and I believe they will be coming to measure in the next week or so. Their prices were extremely competitive.

Tell them Matt and Nancy sent you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Designs in Marble

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Hi Karin,

Your kitchen is lovely. How exciting to be almost ready
to move in. Others have answered the time frame so I
might help with ideas. I love shopping for GW friends.
Here are some ideas for granite choices.

New Colonial Dream

Maybe something with exotic movement like Yellow River

(I am not sure the granite type on this image)
The movement on this granite is lovely and brings out
the wood colors. Gorgeous. from MZ Tile

Azul Aran from Heritage Stone

Verde Peacock

Madura Gold from Auburn Custom Cabinets

(not sure which granite this is, maybe kevin knows)
I love the colors with these cabinets

Kona Kitchens Ocean White granite

A favorite is Typhoon Bordeaux from Texas Magazine

Juparana from Rock Tops Company

Shivakashi Yellow Granite

Thick counter edge Designer Christian Gonzales

Lastly your going to need to think about an edge.
Here are some ideas. You can always post what edges
to GWebbers love.

Ps, Kevin has great advice go with anyone he recommends
and you won't go wrong.

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Your cabinets are beautiful and will go with several kinds/colors of granite. If possible, take one of your cabinet doors with you when choosing the granite. All the pictures that boxerpups posted show gorgeous granite!! She's amazing and always has awesome pictures to help with decisions. The only problem will be to make the decision-I love every one of those pictures.

I agree with live wire oak that a granite with a touch of dark (black) may be a nice contrast with the maple-JMO.

Kevin knows what he's talking about so check out his recommendations as a big part of this process is in the fabrication/installation of your counters. You're investing a lot of money and want to be happy when it's done.

I have the 1/4 eased edge and love the way it looks. There are pros and cons with edges and some cost more than others.

Your kitchen is going to look great. Keep us posted on the progress!

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I'm liking that Typhoon Bordeux from Boxerpups' pictures above.

By the way, i have to say that getting a response from Boxerpups was so exciting! I felt like a celebrity was writing to me! Maybe because I've seen boxerpup's comments and posts so frequently on the board. :)

I love the pictures of the granite above. I think they all could be beautiful. I like the more unique ones and I think that I agree with Chris45ny that something with black in it to show some contrast with the maple would be nice.

I'm so excited! cant wait to meet my granite :)

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You flatter me. Thank you, too sweet.

Here are some more since you mentioned that you like
the darker colors.

This one is Golden valley but I thought you
could see that doing an edge like this add a sense
of elegance. (Waterfall edge)


Juparana Bordeaux

Have fun planning.

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7 days for us.

Day 1: Chose the exact slabs we wanted. Marked them with our names, took photo and paid for it (100% of slab cost)
Day 2: Fabricator picked them up and transported to their workshop, 25% payment
Day 3: No work
Day 4: Fabricator sent a man to template
Day 5: I supervised the placement of template on slabs and cutting the slabs (25% payment)
Day 6: Fabricator completed the counter fabrication
Day 7: Installation at the house. 50% payment to fabricator

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My fabricator measured on a Monday and installed on Wednesday afternoon. I'd picked out the granite I wanted a month before.

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Thanks for the Wisconsin list, Kevin. We live in the Fox Cities are beginning the search for new countertops.

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I think it depends on your area. Around here, almost all the fabricators seem to have a 3 - 5 day turnaround from templating to install and they don't seem to have a wait- time for templating either. I don't know if that's because business is slower than usual or if that's just standard here.

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I have soapstone, but mine was in within a week from when I picked it out. They templated and fabricated right in my driveway.

How about something like Crema bordeaux. This website also has great pictures of granites - just remember each individual slap is very different.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crema bordeaux

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I went to the place in Ixonia that Nancy referred to above. It's a great place! I've decided to do the New Venetian Gold. They are coming to measure on Thursday, said they can install next Tues or Wed. :)

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Boxerpups has done an AWESOME job of providing WAY COOL
examples of what can be done with God's Granite!!!

This is totally from the heart:
Boxerpups - You overwhelm me with class!!! TOTAL PROFESSIONALISM!!!
If you are NOT a designer or an Architect - YOU SHOULD BE
(and I wouldn't be surprised if you are - YOU are the kind of "Pro"
I would work with in a heart beat!)
I salute you!!!! You have my respect and admiration!

(OK... enough of the "gushing" on my part)

Thanks for everyone else's kind words - but especially Boxerpups!!!

Best regards


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apologies if this is an obvious question, but I am going through my first kitchen remodel now.
Do you purchase your granite slab from one place and the template/fabrication/installation is done by another?
Is there a 1-stop shop?
Is there a price advantage either way?
Does everyone get to supervise the placement & cutting of the slab like pharaoh?

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Stop it, your making me blush...

I would recommend that you find an installer first.
Also known as a fabricator. Ask friends, neighbors,
relatives and even ask on GW for suggestions in your area
of the country. You want a true artist to install your
counters. You want the best because stone is heavy and
this is not something you can fix if a bad installer
damages it.

Often the installer has their own slab yard and access to
slabs yards or even stone mines all over the world.
They can often help you find a specific color, pattern, or
stone. And a reputable installer will work with you. They
want you as a customer.

Templating is after your space is measured and a paper
cut out (template) is made of your counter shape.
Maybe a sink cut out here, a tiny curve here... And
a good installer will work with you so that you can
have a seam at this location or this location. Keep in
mind they are experts. The stone guys/gals know stone
better than they know their families so this means they
will recommend what will work best. And yes you can be

The price of stones, granite, marble... is kind of like
the price of a diamond. It is going to vary. Yes, there
is a mark up and there really is not a standard price.
For the most part Kevin and other granite experts can
give advice but depending on where you are will depend on
the price of your stone. If you live in Italy you could
get marble cheaper than here. If you lived in Brazil
you could get Blue Bahia granite far cheaper. The stones
do not have to travel across the ocean to arrive to your
neighborhood. A stone in Boston might be cheaper
than a stone in Kansas City. But it depends on the stone
and the availabilty.

Rocks are unique, like a diamond. A diamond starts out
as a shiny rock that has to be cut and shaped. So too does
your granite counter. There will be no other exactly like
it which can run the price up.

Is there are price advantage to buying your stone slab

Not really and in fact it might be hard to find a quality
installer who will work with your bought separately slab.
Is this fair?
Well the granite guys need to be paid for their work and
it is a big process not just the sale of a diamond. It is
the buying, (Often from another country) transporting,
by ship or truck, the templating, (precise measurements
that a surgeon would do) cutting, delivering and
installing to perfection. You want beautiful edges,
no seams so that when you run your hand across your
counter it feels smooth. You want the gorgeous honed or
polished rock to shine in your kitchen a a true
piece of art.

Installers need to know where the stone came from, the
quality, the source or the availability. Get the stone
through them it is safer and to your advantage.

The check list below is a great way to start.
Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Grantie Checklist

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Most of the replies are correct -- and it is based upon the area you live in and the fabricator you choose. Many have different payment arrangements.

Usually we install at most, 1 week from the final template, sometimes sooner. It also depends on our backlog.

We did this kitchen, cabinets, tile and granite in about 5 days. Since the cusomter also had granite done, we were able to have the template ready ASAP so they were not without a kitchen very long. We are from the Charlotte area.

Grante, Tile and Cabinets - Charlotte

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Countertops Charlotte

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