Inexpensive Digital camera with low shutter lag

genesMay 18, 2012

This is mostly a question for my 25 yr old granddaughter..She currently has a 4yr old Canon Powershot (Dont have the exact model handy)and also is the mother of two small girls...she would like to update her camera to a nother digital but with a lot less shutter lag than what she has now..Looking around online I guess that would mean a DSLR type..She is not rich, so would like to know if there is something out there in a $300-350 dollar range..she would hopefully like to take a pic then bang, take another..Any suggestions or is the price range just apipe dream...thanks Gene

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Never mind, she got a Canon Powershot ELPH 320HS...We shall see how happy she is with apparently has a pretty low shutter lag...thanks anyhow..

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Glad to hear found something suitable! As I understand it too be, p&s's aren't quite as fast as dslr's. That was one of my problems with shooting with the grandkids-I realized another thing for blurry pics was because they moved to fast before the camera had a chance to focus. The Oly 510 I had, had shutter lag really bad. It was frustrating at times. Let us know how your daughter likes it!

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In that price range, the Canon PowerShot S-series IS cameras have some of the least focus time and shutter lag. You do have to allow time for the focus sysem to work, but after that, shutter lag is negleible. Time to be ready for the next shot is small too.

Tip: This camera allows a small delay after the shot to display the result to let the user know if he/she got the shot. This delay is adjustable. Turing it down or off shortens the time to be ready for the next shot.

This camera uses a fast processor. It boots fast. Time from turn-on to ready to shoot is about one to two seconds.

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Just from my own real life experience as the mother two toddlers, I can tell you I own over $3000 worth of DSLR body and lenses. My best shots of my kids actually come from my Nikon Coolpix S8100 (under $200). I'll give you the lag time is more than my fancy DLSR. And yes, when I have time to pull the DLSR out I can get a much better photograph, but I can stick my Coolpix in any bag I am taking anywhere and it is always with me. So I get all the candids. My DLSR is bulky (and my kids come with enough baggage already.

I love my DSLR, don't get me wrong, I have it for many other reasons, but if she is looking for great shots of her child, a fairly easy point and shoot is way more practical.


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