Tick, tick, tick....plugmold?

a2geminiFebruary 22, 2012

Hi GW,

Down to the wire with demolition next week.

I am finalizing the electrical on Friday.

I keep going back and forth on plugmolds - which fit under cabinet and are hidden (but you can see if you look hard enough)

Anyway - who has plug molds and do you like them.

Which brand did you install?





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I love my plugmold. I don't have anything that stays plugged in so don't have to worry about pigtails and all. Instead of having the plugmold against the wall, where it can show, mine is flush against the bottom of the cabinets. I find it very easy to use that way, though some people have questioned it. It's flat against the vertical cabinet on my island, under the overhang of the stone, and I find that easy to use too, though it's a little harder to find the holes.

Plugmold is definitely the way to go. Unlike almost everything else in my kitchen, the plugmold is the cheap stuff from the lumber yard. We decided it was nicer looking, nicer to touch, and thinner, so disappears better. Since it was wired up by the electrician, it's really just the same as he would have done with the more expensive housings.

This isn't a great picture, taken during construction, but shows the junction box, and the ende of the plugmold and LED lights. flat under the cabinet. The top of the picture is the front of the cabinet.

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A2.....I promised pics on the thread the other day, took them yesterday, but forgot to post! Floors being refinished and kids gone wild over here! Will post after they start n my floor for the day!

Btw...was out your way recently, went to Amish Tables on Jackson Rd. loved sme of their stuff!

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The electrician supplied and installed mine, but I saw these at HD. Probably the same as plllog. One thing to note is they are not tamper resistant. Depending on location, they may not pass inspection. Mine did pass. I installed the LEDs myself.

From underneath (with LED lights):

And looking straight at the cabinet:

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Not to hijack, but couldn't resist a compliment for jscout--don't remember seeing your backsplash before--it's awesome!

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Thanks, cat_mom. It's quartzite from Crossville's Oracle line.

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OK--here are a couple of shots of my under cab outlets and lighting. unlike the ones pictured above, with both set at the back there is no exposed wiring, which the electrician told me was against code. I didn't really need the whole strip, I just wanted something hidden so you didn't see it on the backsplash.

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We used it in a different way which we love. We have three strips of plugmold (don't know the manufacturer) at different points around our (huge) island. It sits under the overhang of the counter and is invisible from a standing or even sitting height.

It's fabulous, wouldn't give it up for anything. Having the ability to plug in a food processor, mixer, immersion blender, iPad charger, laptop charger, all at once, at any point on the island is great.

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Lots of good ideas. Has anyone used the angle plug molds? Supposedly easier to plug in.
We will have GM light bars at the front of the cabinets as well as the plug molds unless I chicken out!
Jscout - that is a beautiful backsplash. What LED light bars did you use.

Wish me good luck tomorrow! 0800 comes quickly!! (Medical not military time - and much easier to type)

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I tried the angled and didn't find it any easier. Partly that's because it's all the way at the back so you have to reach farther. The wiring code, like all codes, varies. Mine are up to code and had no trouble with the inspector. He was more interested in the GFI breakers, which you do need for code in most places, or else a GFI at the end of the circuit. My GFIs do trip occasionally, especially near the sink.

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pillog and others- thanks!!
Will let all know my decision after meeting with electrician today!

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We're deciding if we want these also, or just add a couple more outlets to the backsplash. The only problem, is I thought it odd it see all the cords behind appliances going up the wall.

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Lake Girl - not as worried about the pigtails - most are hidden by the appliance or just plug in when needed.

After meeting with the GC and electrician - I am a bit worried about the plug mold as our codes are pretty strict and you need to have tamper proof plugs and they are so much harder to uses.

My DH has a bad back and I think he will not be able to use them :-(
(OK, my DH has a bad back but can ride his bicycle 4000+ miles a year!)

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A2 and Lake_girl, a common use on GW is to put in plugmold in the areas that just need outlets to satisfy code. That gets the outlets out of the backsplash, and because they're much closer together than code, there's one right where you want one, for a stick blender, or whatever you occasionally plug in. Then for the regular stuff, like the coffee pot, toaster, mixer or food processor, outlets are put in, often sideways to be less obtrusive, and as low to the counter as the local code allows. Thus the tails are hidden, and there's no twisting for the bad backs, where the plugs are really needed, and the rest of the kitchen is covered too.

If you're doing a full remodel or build, the price difference to add a couple of standard outlets should be negligible.

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plllog - You must have been reading my mind. At dinner tonight, I was thinking of a hybrid like you are describing!
Our GC and EC are putting in plug molds in another house next week, so should be able to check them out.
This way, I can decrease the number of plugs in the backsplash and meet code and make DH happy also!
Wow - demo starts next week (we hope)

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We have angled Plugmold and they are easier to use than flat Plugmold. In addition, there is more room for those big plugs.

However, the angled is more expensive. Instead consider installing an angled piece of wood that matches your cabinets and then install the flat Plugmold on the angle - angled Plugmold without the angled price! NeedANap and Alku05 did this. See the thread linked below for a pic of Alku05's Plugmold.

Our angled Plugmold:

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Plugmold, Wiremold, etc.

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Thanks for the compliment, a2gemini. My LEDs are from superbrightleds.com. They're called LuxBars. I was originally going to install the tape lighting from them. But I decided on these instead. I really like them and they're dimmable. I'm still using tape lighting, but inside the cabinet. I also saw that some members posting in the lighting forum have had a good experience with this company, so it helped me decide. I did contact their customer service and they were very helpful.

Back to the plugmold. I did consider an angled application. But that would have made them more visible. So I decided to go flat against the bottom of the cabinet. I thought the pigtails might be too visible, but it hasn't been an issue. But then again, I only leave one appliance plugged in all the time, the coffee maker. I think it also depends on the backsplash. On mine, the cords aren't too noticeable when plugged in. But I could see a white or very light backsplash being an issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: LuxBars

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jscout - thanks - I am leaning towards the GM light bars - but on back order, so might switch to these. Thanks for the lead. I think Davidtay likes the Luxbars.
The GC is putting angled plug strips (using wood at an angle) in another install and when complete, will stop over to see it - our code does require tamper resistant - thinking of doing some UC plugs and some wall outlets - I want extra outlets but don't want the backsplash to look like it is religious (aka holey)
Went hiding in Frisco during demolition, so wasn't on GW.

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