chestnuts at CostCo?

iris_galNovember 21, 2012

I bought a bag of peeled chestnuts at CostCo yesterday.

Opened the bag and the smell is odd. Earthy?

Has anyone used these? Is the lack of flavor normal for chestnuts? TIA

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I actually like bagged chestnuts and to me they are quite different than fresh roasted ones. Love those too.

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That reassures me. Thank you!

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I love chestnuts and have never tried bagged ones. I am going to look for them at Costco this weekend. I have a recipe I love with brussel sprouts!

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Hmm. I've never had pre peeled ones, but I find the smell to be pleasant and not odd, so that sounds iffy to me.

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I just got some at a fruit stand not sure what to do with them?????help..

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Bulldinkie I will assume the ones you purchased are still in the shell.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Make a cut across the round part of the shell. Place the nuts flat side down on a baking sheet. Nuts should not be touching. After 30 minutes take out one nut. The shell near the slash should be pulling back. Take a paring knife and pierce the nut. They should be tender when done - but not soft.

If you can roast them over coals or wood - even better.

Once the nuts are roasted and cooled pull the shells off. I love them so much that I eat them by themselves. They don't last long enough at my house to make it into stuffing. They have occasionally made it into some pan roasted brussel sprouts.

For a real treat take some of the still warm chestnuts and soak them in red wine or port! The restaurant I worked at in Italy 35 years ago served roasted chestnuts soaked in brandy, sweet red wine or port as a dessert choice.

If you are still in doubt I am certain you can find a number of roasting methods on the internet.

I'd love to hear how they turned out!


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Thank you Teresa ,I just made 2 apple pies and a big chicken pot pie for hubby to take hunting.Im gonna do the chestnuts now ty again.I didnt know guys ate that well at hunting camp lol

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Read the label on Costco chestnuts! It says they are a pruduct of China! Saw it when I brought the box home.... Scary. Will be returning it tomorrow!

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Important : before roasting them, put them in a bucket of water. Throw away those that float to the surface as they have been got at by worms. Then, you can dry them, stab them with a knife and roast straight away or freeze and roast from frozen at a later date.

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Every year DH wants chestnuts to roast and every year half of them are rotten.

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