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jakabedyMarch 15, 2012

1) Make sure to obscure view of the item for sale when taking the photograph.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue leather office chair

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That is too funny!
I have been searching Cl for the first time ever this week and I am astounded at the enormous amount of ugly furniture that people want a fortune for.. but is always called gorgeous, breathtaking, beautiful, stunning, top of the line, amazing....

And those who don't have a picture. Do they really think their description will make me call?

And, what is up with the $1 thing? It's not priced a dollar...

I did find one item I really wanted, I'm looking for a queen headboard to paint, but it was gone. Now, I keep looking for something similar. I wanted that piece!
Here it is, $75 and Bernhardt.

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BB, the reason for the $1 is because of the scammers; they only prey on big ticket items, so if the item is priced at more than say, $99 a lot of people will use $1 on the subject line instead of the price. Scammers won't email you for a $1 item (and usually not for less than $100) on the subject line.

It used to irritate me too, until I found this out, now I just take it in stride and don't blame the poster one iota!

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