where would you place my warming drawer?

cookncarpenterFebruary 24, 2013

For 27 years our warming drawer was at the bottom of the old micro/convection/oven bank ...too low! Since we're now replacing the wall oven with a range, I decided to move the new w/d up a notch, where I have it located in this pic. Now I'm thinking about moving it up to the top, just below the microwave. Thoughts on usage / convenience of any of the four possible locations? It will have a panel front, so when closed, it won't make a difference aesthetically...

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Feedback on this forum has been that the best position for the warming drawer is close to the cooktop either as the top drawer or the middle to the left or right. That ensures that it is accessible and will be used regularly for keeping foods warm as you can place it immediately in the oven. Do you have space close to the cooktop?

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No, not right next to the cooktop, but in this 10x10 kitchen, nothing is really too far away;) The cooktop location (where the new range will go) is a quarter turn to the right and one step away...

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Mine is directly below my Gaggeneau oven. Warming drawer is at hip height. I use it for breakfasts very often--keeping bacon and pancakes warm until everything is cooked. Use it regularly for yeast raising concoctions and occasionally to keep dishes warm for large dinner parties.

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Hip height sounds about right. You want to be able to see inside without standing on tippy toes.

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I like it where it is, but it depends on what else you need to store in that area. The most ergonomically useful storage is counter height and the areas slightly above and slightly below. Start by planning that wall of storage with the most frequently used item in the most convenient location. Do you need to store something in that area that will be accessed more often than the WD? If so, then place that in the prime area first and work backwards from there.

I don't use my WD everyday. In fact, it's in the voodoo spot under my double ovens just above the floor. I use plenty of other items more frequently so those get the optimum storage slot in my kitchen.

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Debbi Branka

I would put it up one space higher. I think just under the micro is too high (have to lift stuff up over the drawer to set it in, and then you can see in there), but I think where you have it is too low. You don't want to bend to put stuff in/out and to clean it. Of course, I guess it depends on how tall you are too.

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I'd put the warming drawer up one space, and the microwave down one space.

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Thanks for all the thoughts! Based on the comments, I think the photo angle may be deceiving. The microwave is chest high and very comfortable there, so moving it is not an option. The space just below the micro is certainly not "tippy toe" height. The drawer space just above where I have the w/d now is likely to be the most used drawer in the kitchen, other than the flatware drawer, so I definitely don't want to use that valuable spot for it. I may just leave it where it is and get the drawers in and use them to see how it feels. I can always move it up later since the three upper openings are all the same size, and I left enough cable to go up two spaces.

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