How would you solve this -- some kind of divider?

alermarMarch 4, 2014

This is the latest rendition of my kitchen design. The part that bothers me the most is that the DR will have a full view of the clean-up sink in the kitchen. I could do sliding doors so that I have the option of closing off the kitchen, but then I would lose the open counter portion of the bar. Any solution?

For comparison, this is the other design I've been considering (but flipping the island so the cooktop is across from the clean up sink on the back wall instead of in front of the frig).:

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Sophie Wheeler

The cleanup sink would be much better where you show the breakfast bar with the cooktop moved off of the island to where the clenup sink is currently located. And either eliminate that odd table in the corner or incorporate it into the island somehow. I'm sure it looks great, but it inhibits the fuction of the space.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Is there a reason why the ovens aren't stacked? It would add more counter space.

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Hollysprings: It's a beverage bar and its the one thing that DH really likes because it will also function as the bar for the LR & DR -- that's why we have the open counter there (the wall of the bar is a full wall except for the open counter on the end). I agree that the sink would be great there, but DH won't give up his bar ;)
The table will either be odd or fabulous -- it is divided with the sliding glass door so when we have larger family meals, we can open the slider and have a longer table. I may have to reconsider it though. I'm still struggling to retain the architect's vision but restore functionality. I feel like I'm having far too difficult a time organizing a space that should be plenty large enough for everything.

Annie -- Right now, the ovens are stacked 2 & 2 (regular oven, steam oven, microwave, warming drawer). I might be able to stack the reg oven, steam, and warming drawer and then move the micro either to the island or the pantry (we rarely use it).

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I think the second layout makes more sense. I also think that you probably won't need the prep sink in the island if the sink and the cooktop are opposite one another. I would skip the pull-out pantry and move the refrigerator down into that space to give yourself more counter space on that run.

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I just posted this on the kitchen forum, but what do you think if I get rid of the indoor/outdoor table and make 2 smaller islands -- one for cooktop and one for clean-up sink with aisle in the middle?

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Like this:

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Here is a link to the original design thread:

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Where is your dish storage after they come out of the dishwasher?


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Behind the sink in the run of cabinets between the frig and ovens. There will be drawers on the far side of the island facing the pool as well, but that would be less convenient. I'd probably also move the pantry to the other side of the frig

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I think I'm going to start over and get rid of that indoor/outdoor table.

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