Purchasing a digital camera. Need help !!

pump_toadMay 24, 2008

I am thinking about buying a digital camera to replace my old point & shoot HP and I have checked a couple of camera stores but am really confused. I only want it for Ebay and I need a camera that will take sharp close-ups which mine does not do.So-what advise can you give me ? I have looked at Cannon Power shot A650 which has a 12.1 megapixel sensor and a 6 X zoom. Price around $ 350.00.

Olympus SP-560uZ 8mp with 18X zoom for around $ 400.00.

I really don't like to mess around with settings so maybe either of these are too complicated for me.

I have not looked at Sony.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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I just bought the canon A720 which has 8 mp and a 6x zoom,for $170. It's the one right below the A650. The only
major difference besides the megpixels is the LCD is fixed,
while the A650 flips out. I'm very pleased with it so far.
I'm also very pleased with the canon website, where you can
find instant answers, with diagrams, to just about question
you might have.

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Thanks for your information rayrose. I am also open to suggestions of any digital cameras other than mentioned so if anyone would like to respond with their sugguestions I would welcome it also.
I did check out Stevesdigicams. Might add that I am camera illiterate, so to speak ,but I sure would like a better camera than the old HP I am using now.It only has 2.1 MP and 4X digital zoom !

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In my opinion, almost anything will be better than your HP camera. Sony, Canon and Nikon all make great cams. Your idea of checking them out at Stevesdigicams is a great one.

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I have the A720 and it has image stabilization. I think that is a big benefit to most point and shoot folks. I do not know if the A650 does, but, I would suggest you keep an eye on that option and make sure you get it on your next camera.

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If in fact the only purpose this camera will serve is to take photos for eBay selling, you don't need to shell out money for a high-powered zoom or lots of megapixels. You won't make use of either of these features.

Since you want to take closeups, the feature you should look for is good macro capability.

I don't know how close you want to get, but if you need to enlarge detail you might want to consider adding a closeup lens. I took this photo of the back of a teaspoon using a Panasonic camera with a Raynox closeup lens.

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Here are a couple of macros I shot with my A720

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Hey RC
What settings did you use on your 720 for these shots?
Thanks Ray

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Hi Ray,

I used the macro setting. If you haven't run across it, you hit the arrow style button beneath the menu button a couple of times.

Getting it to focus where you want automatically is a little tricky sometimes, but, once it focuses where you want it, it can do a nice job for a camera in that price range.

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If you don't mind me asking another question, once you go
into macro the LCD gives several drive modes. What are they
and how do you use them. Thanks, Im really a novice with
this camera.

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Well, you just got to the limit of my limited knowledge! I just push the macro button and it gives me two options, "normal" or "macro". I hit macro and that's it for me. I've seen those other drives on the menu, but, I haven't experimented with them.

I'll try playing around with it when I get home tonight and see if anything else occurs to me that might be useful. I've only had mine about 2 months.

Maybe with a little luck someone will come by and give us both a little more knowledge on it. ;)

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I am following and writing down this information as I plan on checking camera's again tomorow. At least I am armed with more knowledge so I'll know what to ask.
Thanks again, Lois

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