Crockpot Mashed Potatoes?

doucanoeNovember 21, 2011

Seems to me some of you have posted that you do mashed potatoes for a crowd and keep them warm in a crockpot. I did try to do a quick search and came up with a billion cookalong threads that I tried to scroll past. In the end it just seemed easier to ask about it!

I know one could make up the mashed, place them in a crockpot on low, but I wonder how one would keep them from drying out and losing their "fluff"? And how far in advance should I put them in the crockpot so they stay warm but don't "re-cook"?

Who has done this and please share your method! Thanks!


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I did this last year. I have an older crock pot that doesn't get overly hot like the new ones. I made them right before I left for the host's home and put them in the crock pot to serve there. Plugged it in. They were fine for several hours while the other food was made ready. I used a recipe with cream cheese, butter and sour cream.

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I use my slow cooker to keep the mashed potatoes warm.

I make them the night before with a potato ricer, using butter, milk and sour cream.

From the fridge, they usually need about 3 hours on med-low, until they're warm enough to eat.

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Me too!

I too add sour cream and cream cheese - I'm not sure, but I think these ingredients are what allows it to stay creamy and fluffy when made ahead and reheated. I also use 2 sticks of butter so that everyone loves them even without gravy!

I find that 3 hours on low is enough to re-heat 5 lbs and then I can turn it to warm for even longer.

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Thanks! I looked at that Pioneer Woman recipe but holy moly....butter, cream cheese AND cream??? Don't think my girlish figure could handle all that! LOL

I'll add some sour cream and maybe a tad of chicken broth to keep them moist.


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Works great! They don't dry out. The crockpot keeps them "steamed" on warm. No worries!

I just use skim milk and some butter in mine.


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