White & gray kitchen reveal, lots of pics!

lcskaisgirFebruary 22, 2014

Kitchen is 90% done! Finally!! But is it ever really done? Started around Thanksgiving. Most things were done by Christmas but backsplash and paint were just completed a few days ago. Mostly we used the same foot print as the old kitchen with some minor changes. Mostly just wanted an update to the old white appliances and thermofoil cabinets.

Still to do: fireplace tile, base moldings, window treatments, rug? & chairs?

Things that remained the same: floor, kitchen table & chairs, chandelier over table, disposal, walk-in pantry

Products used:

perimeter cabinets: Shiloh, Charleston door, beaded inset, Polar White

island cabinets: Shiloh, Charleston door, beaded inset, Silas stain w/black glaze

appliances: all Kitchenaid, Pro line (36" counter depth fridge, 30" double convection oven, 24" built-in microwave, 36" cooktop, dishwasher)

hardware: Amerock Lattice (in various sizes)

counter: Calacatta quartzite

sink: Blanco silgranit Diamond 1.5 bowl in cinder (from HomePerfect)

faucet: Danze Opulence

backsplash tile: gray crackle subway and mosaic from Tile Daily

paint color: SW collonade gray

stools: American Heritage Monaco from Wayfair

pendants: crystal chandelier pendant from Great Chandeliers

recessed lights: 6" ecosmart LED

UCL: LED from Priority Lighting (don't know brand)

above cabinet lighting: maxlite LED

hood insert: best (290 cfm)

cutlery insert: woodhollow

Also: plugmolds and replaced pantry door w/solid wood door



There is so much in the super susan; blender, toaster, several food processors, huge stock pot, cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc.

A trim piece still needs to be installed under the counter from the drawers to the wall in the desk area(not sure if it's called a valance or an apron?)

We had a hole drilled in the counter where the TV sits and used this grommet. The outlet and cable jack are down below in the cabinet. We did the same thing in the desk area for the computer and phone.

These gray corbels were supposed to go on my island. They initially sent me the wrong ones. Now that I have the correct ones, I'm not sure if I want to use them anymore. I kind of like the island as is. I would love to find another use for them.

I had many inspiration photos from both Houzz and Garden Web. I learned SO much from this forum from electrical, to counters, to lighting, to plugmolds. Every photo and comment has been so very helpful. Thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge. Some mistakes were made and we spent way more than we thought we would, but overall I am very pleased.

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Wow! Your before was great and your after is stunning!

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Stunning attention to detail...I love the cabinet hardware, the crackle backsplash, choice of colors and that darling seating area. Really a marvelous job, and you should be proud of your choices and enjoying it in a good health each day.

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I love it! Your counters are so so beautiful. Everything looks great together, great reveal! Congrats & enjoy :)

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Wow! Gorgeous and functional-- great job!!

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How nice to log onto GW tonight & see your reveal. Very surprised to see the mosaic above your stove...no hints that that you were planning that. It is absolutely perfect, I just love it. The backsplash too.
I love the color of the island. Love the light fixtues. The sink color looks great with your quarzite. Your pulls & knobs are so pretty.
When you look at the "whole view" picture of your kitchen, you really did a great job. Beautiful kitchen! I know you are thrilled, congrats.

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Thank you for sharing! Gorgeous! I love how you worked with a tight color palette and still made an interesting room.

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Soooooo pretty! Stunning quartzite, lovely choice of knobs and pulls, love the color of the island, beautiful tile....I could go on and on. Enjoy!

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Very nicely done! Love your island--the color of the cabs, the quartzite, and the edge--all, oh so special!

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Congratulations! Your counters are so lovely, with a stunning edge.

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lcskaisgir , I am in love!! Polar White is the perfect White to go with your other colors used. I LOVE the counters so much! What edge is the island counter? I LOVE the color of the island with your Polar White beaded inset gorgeous cabinets on the perimeter. I love the floors and the stain you used for your hardwood floors. I love the fancy glass door. I love all the wonderful lighting and your beautiful windows. I love the pretty hardware chosen. I love the undercabinet lighting. I love the appliances chosen, the backsplash, the computer table/work area, the beautiful seating area, the dining table area, the sink color, and just the whole beautiful kitchen how everything ties so wonderfully together giving this beautiful elegant peaceful look! Besides the beauty of your kitchen, it is also a wonderful organized space!

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Absolutely gorgeous kitchen! Please, please tell me about your quartzite. Is this a true quartzite or a marble? I spent two days last week looking at quartzite and didn't see anything remotely resembling this (which is exactly what I'm looking for). Everything I saw in a soft pattern was too gray looking and didn't have enough white in it. I just love yours.

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Heck it looked fantastic before. I like the new paint much better though, the rest is just fluff.

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Swooning here, that is just stunning. Your attention to details shows through. I particularly love and admire how beautifully you chose that cabinet knob that coordinates with the diamond mullions in your glass door! It's perfect, as is the whole kitchen. Great job!

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Great job! I had to wait to see on a computer vs my iphone. Your old kitchen was sweet but you took the new kitchen to a new level!
I like that you were able to use the space below your cooktop for lids. I wasn't able to do that with my Wolf.

I love you tile with your kitchen - it is perfect.
Love you diamond glass mullions
Love your plugmold (OK, a bit biased :-)
OK - I love your kitchen and can't wait to see KAW pictures.

I am not normally a corbel person - but since you used them on your hood - it might tie in your island by using them. Where are you planning to put them. I was having trouble seeing a location with the color.

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I couldn't see anything wrong with your 1st kitchen until I looked at your new kitchen. Talk about a refresh! It is amazing how the small details make such a difference. You went from 1990s - 2000s to 2014, still in nice clean, cool. white. And you did it so fast!

I also love your island edge. Very nice detail.
and your zebra stool. What a fun piece! :)


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Agree with CEFreeman! I looked at the before and thought "pretty good," then I looked at the after and thought "wow!."

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Very nice kitchen. Like with what you did with the above cabinet lighting. Very sharp looking. Curious, what is your ceiling height? I'm guessing 9' but not sure? The perimeter counters, 2 or 3 cm?

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Exquisite in every way!!! Wow! Love everything about it.

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Thank you everyone! Initially we were just going to get new island cabinets, new counters, and new appliances. AND paint, oh how I was sick of the green! Anyway, we figured that if we were doing all of that, it wouldn't be much longer before the other cabinets would need to be replaced (they were 14 years old) so might as well just bite the bullet.

A2gemini, you were instrumental in helping me figure out the plug mold installation! Regarding the corbels, I really did NOT want THAT hood with THOSE corbels. However, the hood I did want was $$$$$ so I needed to find something by the cabinet manufacturer. They did not offer anything I really liked and could not make the modifications necessary to do what I wanted. After many back and forths with Shiloh I chose that hood out of sheer exhaustion! It was definitely one of the compromises along the way. That being said, I don't really think about it now and am ok with it. Now I am stuck with these gray corbels that I spent $ on and have no use for, ugh!

Smiling, that is why I chose that cabinet hardware!! Thanks for noticing! It really didn't look like anything I would like but when I got it in the mail and put it in the kitchen, I knew it was the right choice and I like it very much.

Cani123, the counters were the death of me! I REALLY wanted Superwhite, I mean REALLY wanted! I found some beautiful slabs that were very white w/subtle hints of gray. However, as if learned from GW, it behaves more like a marble and I have two messy boys and a messy husband, no can do anything that stains or etches. These have been great so far. They were definitely hard to find. I would suggest asking your local stone yards if they can transfer some in for you. Some stone yards have other locations throughout the country.

Crl, yes, definitely a tight color palette, which I worry borders on boring. I still have a little decorating to do!

Romy!!! Your kitchen was one of my inspirations! And you were so helpful and patient in giving opinions and advice. Thank you! Believe it or not, the mosaic above the cooktop was something my contractor had been pushing for the whole way through. I was very much opposed to the idea. At the end I gave in, another decision of mental exhaustion, lol! I am so glad I did though!

Lynn2006, I know you will find the perfect white for your cabinets! It can be frustrating, believe me, I know! Maybe you should just get the custom color you like so you can put the decision to rest and move on. Your peace of mind might be worth that $500. Oh, and the edge on the island is basically a ogee stacked on a straight edge, but he slightly angled the very top of the straight edge.

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Aries61, yes 9' ceiling and 3 cm counters.

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love the island color & your hardware, but it's all stunning. Great job. Congrats!

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Beautiful! What are the dimensions of your kitchen and the island? I have a similar layout and I am wondering if I have room for an island. Thanks for sharing!

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lcskaisgi, Thank you for your post and replies! Your post just came in time to make me realize that I do not like doing business with a kitchen guy who keeps pressuring me and has not made the changes I wanted on paper and keeps thinking his design was so special but was one of the worse without my changes. He only has it going for him that he came here to measure and then came back with an installer as the others want me to find someone to install the kitchen.

I really miss when I was dealing with this store in 2011 and he had me pick out everything first to get a total price so would see how the counters, floors and cabinets worked together. He make the mistake on pushing me to go with a door I did not love to get a price and that was wrong.

I may pass on locking in the price before the price increase with more knowledge now and revisit it after my tax season. I have so much going on right now with my little dog in congestive heart failure (other two little dogs passed), needing a new dentist, and my helper breaking his leg so I am working alone.

I do love my tiles but I should have not picked them out until I had the cabinets picked out. They could work with the Polar White IF I find a counter to tie the tiles in with the cabinets. If the Polar White Cabinet color does not work with the tiles I have now, I need to be sure I will get 3,000K LED bulbs to make the soft white look more white and find a counter that ties in both the beautiful 18" rectified Porcelain tiles with my cabinets. I do want to go with the beaded inset door and I am still liking the flat panel door with the 5 piece drawers.

I want a kitchen that sings to me like your beautiful kitchen with everything working together wonderfully. I love the Polar White Inset doors in your kitchen as they work perfectly with all the other colors and materials you chose! Lisa, you have exquisite taste! I also adore your counters and maybe that is what I need to find first to see how a counter can tie everything together alone with hardware like you did.

Thank you for sharing Lisa and thank you for sharing on time right when I needed to see your gorgeous functional kitchen!

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A big thumbs up. To me the color combos are right on. Congrats. sigh.

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BEG17, the main part of my kitchen is about 13' x 15', which does not include the desk area, kitchen table area, and sitting area in front of the fireplace. The 13' measurement is from cooktop wall to end of the island.

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Very elegant.

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Thank you so much! Is the island about 3' x 8'?
Nice touch on coordinating the lattice designs.

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Great job! It really turned out wonderfully!

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I agree that your pre-reno kitchen was pretty nice, but your new kitchen is stunning. Look at all that light you have now!! It's a really beautiful space. Congratulations!

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Your kitchen is just perfect! Love all the details, the lights, counters, the counters, the cabinets, the handles...... all comes together so perfectly. Enjoy!

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Lisa, I had to look again and I showed a friend as I feel your kitchen is so perfect in getting a space that is elegant, gorgeous, functional, and with everything just going together so well.

I just adore your counters! I love the Polar White Inset Cabinets you chose!

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BEG17, the cabinetry of the island is 30" x 78". There are standard depth base cabinets with two 6" square columns attached at each end (if that makes sense). The counter is 38" x 80.5".

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Lynn2006, thank you again!

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What a lovely kitchen! The colors are perfect and that quartz - THUD. Enjoy!

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Your kitchen is exquisite!!! Each and every detail is perfect! I especially love your backsplash!
(I must say you had one of the nicest "before" kitchens I have seen:)

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So beautiful! I love the chandeliers and the counters especially. The knobs are also a lovely touch. I was a bit confused by the TV/under-cabinet picture until I realized that you were not trying to show that Shakira & co. were enjoying your new kitchen, but rather, to show off your plug molds! Enjoy your gorgeous new space.

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Your kitchen looks amazing. It's incredible how much of a change it is.... sometimes I hear people on hear say "I have white cabinets now, and I like it, but I'm afraid if I get white again it won't be a big enough change...". This is the perfect example of why that's not true.

I love the choices that you made. It all comes together beautiful.

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BakerJen, I cracked up when I read your comment about Shakira!! I had to go back and look at the pic to see what you were talking about. I didn't even really notice it when I posted. Should have had the TV off!

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Looks really awesome!! Well done!!

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Back for another look-I love every aspect of your kitchen. As someone else said, every detail is perfect & it all works so well together.

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Wow, so beautiful!! I had never heard of Shiloh cabinets. We went the custom site-built cabinet route and I'm certain that I would have been happier with something like these. Live & learn.

Love your backsplash. Love everything actually!!

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I LOVE your island choice for color. it goes so well with the white perimeter cabinets and is just stunning. I love the back splash tile and the design is absolutely beautiful. Very classy. Love all your choices!

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Count me as loving the island color too!. The backsplash comes in a close second to my favorite things in this kitchen. It's great that you posted about Shiloh. So many people here seem to be asking about it. I have never used them but I find that they come up quite often.

Other things I really like: the glass corner upper cabinet door (super pretty!!), and the coffee nook.

Enjoy enjoy--it's beautiful!!

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Like a few others, I thought your original kitchen looked quite nice.

But your new kitchen is quite spectacular. It's just on a whole other level.

Congratulations - enjoy!

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Stunning kitchen!

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Love the gray colors you used. Awesome colors. Not boring at all! Congrats, your kitchen turned out fantastic. NancyLouise

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lcskaisgir - It's fabulous!!! Love the pendants, the backsplash, the backsplash focal point (which I almost never like-always feel like it detracts vs. adds - in your case, it adds!), the gorgeous, rich color of your island, your hardware choices, and your granite. A home run :)

Best, oldbat2be

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Your kitchen is so lovely. I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel and am also going from white cabinets to white cabinets again. Your before picture looked quite nice but I was so taken by your after picture, just beautiful! There are so many details that can make or break a project and you made so great detail choices!!

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lcskaisgir, agree with kateshome that your new kitchen is so beautiful showing that picking out everything in the kitchen to complement each other and making great choices is what makes your kichen a wow! It is what I am going to try to do but on a smaller scale.

I am back into liking the Polar White again feeling I want to go with a counter with gray and off-white in it as my tile has gray veins so if I get the right counter to tie in with my floor and cabinets, I will be so happy. Initially I was looking at more creamy busy counters which I feel was throwing me off and the busy counters were fighting with my busy non-slip Porcelain tile (that to me looks like real stone) with all the gray veins in it but also beiges and off-white shades.

Your kitchen is such an inspiration as I am in love with everything you did. I love the counters so much and have printed pictures of your kitchen and Michelle16's kitchen that used the same counters. I also love the mixture of your hardware and the big drawers for the pots and pans.

What is the width of the big drawers used for your pots and pans? Do you have a picture of the cabinet used for the trash? I am still going back and forth on buying from Rev-A-Shelf the trash can with a lid that opens when the door opens to put the trash inside the under-sink cabinet or using up one of my small cabinets that was going to be all drawers for the trash. Does the trash can have a lid or does it not need it?

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Lynn, my cabinet guy was JUST here to take pics and I discussed the trash issue w/him, ironically enough! I am not housing the trash in the cabinet I originally planned (which is part of the reason of not getting all drawers for me...flexibility to switch things around at any point if I so choose to). It has really been a pain in the rear for me to figure out what to do w/it. I have had a problem finding a trash pullout that attaches to the door of an INSET cabinet. My cabinet guy says they don't really recommend them because of having to get the door mounted EXACTLY right for it to fit. So basically I have to get a pull out that does not attach to the door, which is what I had before. I had a Rev a Shelf before. Not sure if I'm going to do that or another. It is not exactly what I want, but I guess in the scheme of things, it's a small compromise. And about needing a lid, I have never been able to smell my garbage while being housed in a cabinet, even with no lid, so I'm not sure it's necessary.

The width of my drawers under the cooktop is 36". I love having my pans there and the lids in their own drawer above. In the lower drawer I have all of my baking dishes. While I mentioned the flexibility of not having ALL drawers, the one cabinet in my island I DO wish was drawers. Ahhh, hindsight....

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Lynn, maybe you should post a pic of your floor tile and ask for opinions for counters. Sounds like one of the white granites might be what you're looking for...maybe river white?

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Thank you so much lcskaisgir for your two timely posts! I am having three drawers where there is now a cabinet that only has a tiny shelf in the back causing so much wasteful space. I was worried the drawers were too wide as they are 36" wide in the plan I had with everyone since 2011. They all wanted me to go with a cabinet but I wanted drawers for my pots and pans and I see I am right.

Thanks for letting me know that I do not need a lid as I never had a trash can without a lid before or in a cabinet so this is new to me. I moved my Human Solution Stainless Steel trash can with the foot pedal and soft closing lid to my home office and I love it there. But to keep walking from my kitchen through my family room, dining room and then into the formal living room which is my home office (clients never walk through my house as that is the room next to the foyer area and front door) to throw out trash is not working. I need a trash can in my kitchen.

My client is here.

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Lcskaisgir, I like the idea of posting a picture of my tiles as each tile looks a little bit different. I will do this as soon as I get out what I have to get out in the next week for work deadlines as I can't remember how to post pictures and must figure it out again.

Thank you so much for being there for me, along with all the other members on this list.

I guess I have always been a numbers person and I am not good at seeing the whole picture. But I see now that a kitchen looks nice not by one item but by how everything in the kitchen complements each other.

I think you are right that maybe river white granite will go nicely with my tile.

In 2011, I had picked out samples (still have the samples here) of Santa Cecilia, Giallo Ornamental and New Venetian Gold here as when I called to return them, I was told to keep them. So far every kitchen place has told me they do not go with my tile as they compete and I need something less busy with some gray in it. Seeing your kitchen, I see that Shiloh's Polar White really does look nice with off-whites and grays. I have a red tea pot that I keep on the stove and some red pot holders and towels so I will just add touches of red for color in my kitchen.

I have so much work to do. I am glad I put the kitchen decision off as I am still learning and I will be ready to make a decision after tax season once I pick out my counter. I still love the beaded inset cabinets by Shiloh.

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Lcskaisgir, you really have done a lovely job with the reno and that's saying a lot considering how nice your original kitchen looked. I love the way everything goes together - it's perfect. I think I have the same light fixture that you have in the eating area - I must be headed in the right direction!!! I can't wait to actually look at the photos on my lap top versus phone.

Congrats and enjoy!

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What an elegant kitchen! The pendants are great and I really like the counters, too. So pretty. Perfect island color and the edge on the counter is pretty spectacular!

Did you find a good recipient for your old cabs, which are nicer than anything I've ever had up to now, btw? :)

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So pretty! Everything ties together so nicely. That crackle tile...sigh. Love the cab hardware and pendants also. I appreciate you taking the time to post the susan and the wood hollow inserts as well. ;) Enjoy!

I can't wait to get my silas island up! My cabs are still sitting in the garage waiting for install...soft white though and that is making me a teeny tiny nervous. If my kitch turns out even half as nice as yours I'll be thrilled!

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Mgoblue, Pottery Barn? I actually got mine a couple years ago from Overstock and it is identical to the Pottery Barn one. I was a little worried about keeping it after the remodel because the finish does not match the pendant lights finish but I haven't even noticed since the kitchen has been done. Somehow it just goes....probably because the crystals tie it together?

Deedles, we gave some of our cabinets to a friend. The others are still sitting in my garage. With the frigid temperatures we've had in Michigan this winter, we just haven't wanted to spend any time out there to sort them out and see what we have left.

Autumn.4, isn't it driving you nuts having the cabinets sitting out in the garage?! How long before they will be installed? I hope you love the Silas as much as I do. Did you get a glaze? And about the soft white, every color of white looks different in every kitchen so I'm sure yours will look beautiful.

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You got it lcskaisgir - pottery barn! I bought mine several years ago and took it with me when I moved. I love how it looks with all the crystals. It works really well where you have it.

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Wow - I actually liked your before picture but your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I was just pricing the KA pro series appliances, calacatta quartz and Shiloh cabinets for my kitchen a few months ago. Great choices!

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lcskaisgir, did you decide what you are doing with yours corbels?

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NO! Sadly, I really don't see many options since I never even wanted the matching ones on my hood to begin with. I am going to leave them off the island for sure. What's funny is that they originally sent me the wrong ones...much more transitional and simple. The cabinet guy still has them and I have considered getting those back and having him order matching ones in white for the hood (and swapping those w/the current ones on the hood). I'm sure it would be more hassle than it's worth though. My contractor suggested using them for bookends!

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Just want to add my admiration for your finished product, it is like a piece of art.

I will admit to loving your old kitchen too, though, for that scheme is very close to what i had in mind for my own kitchen, but with a lighter, slightly more silver green. I cold see it getting o your nerves after awhile, though.

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Expensive set of bookends. What they charge for them is ridiculous. Shiloh's cabinets are reasonable, but their accessories I think are overpriced.

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Oh snap! My "facelift to sell" is looking a lot like your "before." LOL. I think I commented earlier but your transformation is really top notch. I'm glad this thread keeps popping back up. So fun to see your pictures. Gorgeous!

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Aries61, I have intentionally NOT looked on my paperwork to see how much I paid for them! Lol

Losmobo, I liked my old kitchen and have gotten many comments from others about it as well. So hopefully potential buyers will feel the same about yours. We really didn't plan on doing a complete overhaul, but one thing led to another...

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Holly- Kay

I am so glad that I saw this. I must have been deep in the throes of another decorating project. Your kitchen is stunning. Every single element combines to make a truly lovely, classic kitchen!

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This is one of my favorite kitchens! I love everything about the kitchen and I am so glad it came up again as I wanted to see this kitchen again and I could not find it in a search.

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Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!!!!

I wanted to ask the depth of your lid and pot drawers.. I'm wondering if I have enough room to add the pot and lid drawers in stead of a cabinet with pullouts.

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Thanks guys!

emajination, the drawers are standard depth (24"), although the top drawer had to be notched a little because of the cooktop conduit.

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Lovely kitchen! Very classic and timeless.

I would take those corbels and place a nice piece of of wood over them, so essentially they would be holding up a shelf. Or if you wanted them in the kitchen, use a piece of marble instead of wood. Just a suggestion.

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Wow this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing all these pictures!

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Thanks (nearly a year later) for posting your kitchen pics! Stunning.

I have a quick question - what did you do/use for the edge of your tile to the left of your cooktop (where the tile ends by the counter). It doesn't look like it runs right up to the trim and I can't see that you used a bullnose/trim piece. We have a similar issue and TileDaily doesn't have a bullnose for this crackle subway tile...the carrara that they suggested and that you used won't work with our countertops.


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I remember that being an issue for us. No, the tile doesn't come in bullnose and I did not want the tile continuing past the cabinets. We ended up just leaving the edge as is. There are no cut ends exposed, those were all turned so the cut end was facing in. I'm so happy we decided to do it this way. It looks good. We considered using a Schluter edging and I even ordered samples of it in several different colors, but ultimately it wasn't the look we were going for. I can take a pic if you want when I get home so you can see the way the edge looks.

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That would be great - thank you!!

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Saw this today and it's perfect timing for me, as we're getting close to pulling the trigger on white Shiloh cabinets. Have they held up well the first year? I have my heart set on beaded inset, and Shiloh doesn't upcharge for that (as you know) so it makes that detail magically an option within our budget now!

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Sorry, these are an odd color because they were taken with my phone. Most of the tiles had the glazing on the edges too, which makes the edge look finished.

Slk7e7, I love my Shiloh cabinets!! They are wearing well and still look great! No complaints here.

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Lcskaisgir, I found your finished kitchen but you are so right that so many pictures are missing! White & gray kitchen reveal, lots of pics! used to have the before pictures (which were nice) and the amazing after pictures. I was in love and I am back to loving the Shiloh Polar White now that I got 3,000K warmer LED bulbs that are bright and show off the pretty colors in my stone looking tiles. We need to tell the moderators to see if they can get the pictures back as we all love your kitchen and the pictures were so helpful to everyone.

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I noticed that last night when I clicked on your link. Not all my pictures got transferred either. I thought maybe it was my computer so I logged into another computer and still the same with yours, mine, and apparently others. If you go back to my link, someone (mudhouse) is looking into it. That is so upsetting!

I hope they can be restored! From what I saw of the two pictures- your kitchen looks AMAZING- and hope to see the rest of your photos. I think Gray/White is the new CLASSIC Black/White.


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Susan, you really are too kind. I really struggled with every decision and have no expertise compared to most people in this forum. It was definitely a learning experience. The next time I do a kitchen (hopefully not for a LONG time!) I will consider using a KD. I can't wait for you to start yours! Hope you are well. I know this is your busy season.

Pandora, thank you. I'm sure they will restore all of the photos, at least I hope so! A lot of people spent a lot of time posting pics. They seem to be very receptive to all of our requests thus far in making it a more enjoyable and user friendly. Fingers crossed!

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I must have been off line when this kitchen reveal came up. Sorry I missed it and now it looks like the pics are gone.

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Since this reveal was recent, we can still access the original complete thread (with all the wonderful photos!) through Google cache. Here is a link to that cached thread, which should work for at least a while:

lckaisgir original reveal thread with complete photos

Hopefully Houzz can restore the photos to the version linked here in the Houzz site, as eventually it will be the only one available on the web. Fingers crossed here too!

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Thanks for the link-Glad I could see it. It's spectacular. Wish I could take such pretty pictures.

    Bookmark   Thanked by lcskaisgir    February 16, 2015 at 2:36PM
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