x-post: Where to find replacement pull down sprayer?

laughablemomentsFebruary 16, 2013

I put this in the plumbing forum, but I'm not sure of the traffic there. Could anyone recommend where to find a replacement ORB sprayer for our pull-down faucet? This one is about worn out.

I checked faucetsdirect, they have a couple of Kohlers, but not in ORB. Also, we don't know what brand this fella is. :(

DH states it has male threads, about 1/2", if that helps any.

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I'd just write/call the manufacturer with the model name/number of your faucet. Not sure if its a Kohler (since you mention that brand), but if it is, I've had extremely good luck with their customer service.

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Thanks for the bump, Aliris.

Unfortunately we don't have the manu. name, wi-sailorgirl. Kohler just happened to be a company that we found that has replacement sprayers (but not in ORB). According to a couple folks on plumbing, it's probably a knock-off brand, humph.

I've e-mailed faucetdirect to see if they can offer any helpful advice. Still waiting for a response...

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sometimes the name is very small and well hidden on the backside of the faucet base. Can you get a mirror and look? If it is a Delta, Brizo, Kohler, etc, they probably stand behind it and will replace it.

Otherwise, you won't want to just add another non-matching head to the faucet. Every manufacturer has different interpretations of orb.

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I need to replace my pull-out sprayer on laundry room faucet. The buttons that make it go from spray to steam are broken. It's a delta and they don't just sell the buttons - you have to buy the whole wand assambly. Anyhow, I was about to spend $67 on a new wand when I saw a universal wand for any pull out. It came in stainless steel and was less than $30.! I bet you can find a universal pull down too. That was at Home Depot.

I didn't actually get that one bcause the lady at HD asked if my faucet was still under warranty. I didn't know and she called delta and it was! 5 - yr warranty apparently. So they are sending me a new wand assembly at no charge! So if you can figure out the brand you might call the company and ask to ship you one. If not, check out the universal ones.

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Thank you Bee and Mountaineergirl. I just did the mirror look-see, and it says UPC nsf 61-9. Looks like we have a genuine..Chinese knock-off faucet.

I'm wondering if I should switch back to chrome fixtures when we remodel in case replacement parts are needed down the road. I like the ORB, but have noticed it's quite hard to get a good match between brands.

Was hoping for a nice inexpensive fix. Ah well.

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