I have a camera question..I need help

Linda WaymanMay 3, 2010

Hello, I don't think I've ever posted here, but I recognize a few names from other GW forums.

The past two weeks when I've put photos from my Canon Digital Rebel XT onto Photobucket they have taken forever to load. I had never had a problem with Photobucket before, although I've heard a lot of others complain about problems. I tried to post some photos of a tournament on a message board and they were huge. I went back to PB and checked the properties. It showed every picture was approximately 2240 x 1493 instead of the usual 640 x 480 that it has been for years. I looked and looked for a place to resize the photos as a group, but couldn't find one. I resized them one at a time and I had over 200 photos. That took a long time.

I had some more photos to upload yesterday from another tournment. I decided to use Firefox to upload them to PB to see if that made a difference. It didn't. They are still huge.

My question,actually, two qusetions, are is there a setting that I may have in-advertently changed on my camera to cause this problem or does anyone here know of a way to change the sizes of the huge photos at Photobucket to the preferred size?

Thank you for any suggestions you have concerning this problem.


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Hi Linda,

I'm not sure I'm going to be much help, but here goes. The 2240 x 1493 is an appropriate size for images coming out of your camera. You wouldn't want to change them to 640 x 480 in the camera because you wouldn't be able to print them at that resolution.

So the question becomes whether or not Photobucket automatically resizes them upon uploading. I wasn't aware that they ever did this, but they must have if you remember uploading without resizing.

I keep a folder on my desktop of resized photos for emailing and uploading to Photobucket and Flickr. I've never tried to upload a full-size file. However, it's easy to resize photos that are already on Photobucket. Just click on Edit (right above the image), then Resize, and follow the instructions. There's a preset 640 x 480 that you can use if you like.

Hope this helps.


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Linda Wayman

Hi Susan, thanks for the reply. A few years ago I used to reaize my photos to post them at KT and other forums, then one day I didn't have to anymore. I think they were actually a little larger than 640 x 480, but whatever they were, they worked just fine on the forums without me resizing. The past couple of weeks they have been so large that you can only see a portion of each one at a time when posted. I was hoping I had accidently changed a setting on my camera that caused it since I couldn't find a place at PB to preset the sizes.

I've been resizing them one by one at PB, but with these tournaments there are usually a couple of hundred or more to post at a time for the Taekwondo web site. It just takes so long to do it the way I'm doing it. I don't know why it changed, but I miss the old way.
Thanks again my friend.


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I know people do batch resizing in Photoshop and other photo editing programs, but I don't know how......

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Linda Wayman

Just to let you know, I heard from Photobucket. I use the paid version. They told me that they recently updated the paid version and at that time set my default size setting at 4000 x 3000. They also told me that the place to set the sizes is just under where you click to upload a photo. It's listed as other options. Mystery solved.

Thanks again Susan for responding to my post.

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Good to know, Linda. Ever the cheapo, I use the free version. (However, I do pay for Flickr Pro!) Glad you got it straightened out.

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