Healing Brush

bug_girlMay 12, 2008

I am too poor to afford Photoshop, but I have had good results with the clone stamp and healing brush for imperfections. I found an ok clone stamp with the new paint net, but there is no healing brush. I guess it's a new thing that needs time to come out in the free version. If you use the clone stamp first, then use the healing brush you can blend away your corrections, for a natural look. Does any one know about a free program with a healing brush? I don't even use layers. I don't need all of Photoshop. Below is a link to my new Flickr account. If you add me as a contact, I will be sure to add you back. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Flickr Page

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I left a comment on one of your dahlia pix. Gorgeous!

I can't answer your question except to suggest Photoshop Elements, which costs a fracton of the full-size program.

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I looked at that on Amazon. Only 65 dollars. That is in my budget, but I wonder if it has the healing brush. I would get it if does have a healing brush. I see I can do a trail version, but then I won't have a disc. I rather have a cd then a download.

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Yep - PhotoShop Elements does have the "Healing Brush".

I have Elements 5.0. I think 6.0 is the newest version. Sometimes you can get older versions cheaper.

I really don't care for PhotoShop, but there are a lot of resources for it and PS Elements on the internet, so it is a good choice. I am sure you can get an inexpensive disk on eBay.

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I looked at ebay, but it was not that cheap there. Amazon has a deal where it is cheaper, due to a rebate it only comes to 54 dollars. Abode sells it for 99 with the same rebate. I know amazon will take it back, and give full money back. However, many people on Amazon reviews said elements 6 won't work with vista. It has many bad review on Amazon, so now I kind of have cold feet. But, I think Paint net, (the free program) will maybe add a healing brush soon, if I wait. I don't know, because it's not that much money, so maybe I should just get it now. Digital photos enhance wrinkles so they seem worse in the photos then in real life. I just got a new Fuji Film camera so I am on a spree.

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Well, I ordered it on Amazon. You have to take chances in life.

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I got the photoshop express, and it works with vista. I am very happy with it.

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Thanks for the follow up bug girl.

I use the freebie, Picasa. I like it more than the free version Adobe put out recently. What does Elements do that the free stuff Picasa gives you doesn't have? Any idea?

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It gives you the healing brush, that is the title of this post.

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