Another puppy worm question

debbiep_gwMarch 12, 2010

Sweet Pea and the gang have been wormed with panacur from the vets office.We finished up the three doses around Tuesday.I'm suppose to worm them again in three weeks.These are some really wormy pups.They are still having worms in the feces.Some of the pups more than the others.My question is will worms be present until the next worming?Or do they sometimes not wait three weeks to be rewormed.They have been moved outside this week into a dog kennel/pen,not mom though.She only visits them once a day now.She prefers the laundry room still.I feed them soft dog food four times a day.Back to the worms,we are disposong of all feces/worms amd trying to keep it as clean as I can,hard with nine of them.Any thoughts on reworming them earlier or are these worms that are present normal with deworming?Debbie

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Debbie, I have no knowledge of dog care. But having cared for multitudes of kittens AND panacur, I will throw in my few cents

When I do panacur, I actually do it for 3 days straight, a dose a day. (the applicable dose for cats and kittens of course)

With Pyrantel/Strongid, I usually do follow up in two weeks. However, I have had kittens that were so full of roundworms that the vet had me worm the kittens for three days straight, followed up a dewormer once a week for three weeks, and then one wormer 3 weeks after that.

I think the one dose followed by another in X time is a standard for an average case. But in case of infestation, the situation might call for a different approach.

I would ask if the vet would recommend worming on a more intensive schedule.

Good luck. Your pups are adorable.

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Tapeworms are not killed by panacur. If the worms you are seeing are small and flat like rice, those are tapeworms and you need a different dewormer. Sometimes you see more worms after the critters have been dewormed because all the dead ones are pooped out. Deworming every 3 weeks is best because of the lifecycle of the worms. Sounds like you did once a day for 3 days in a row, which is what I recommend too.

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Panacur (fenbendazole) will eliminate Taenia type of tapeworms. These are white rice like segments. Use Drontal Plus for Diplydium tapes. Diplydium segments are pinkish and look more like cucumber seeds than rice.

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Thanks,I think these worms are roundworms from looking at images and reading descriptions.They are spaghetti looking worms.Today they are not as many in the poop.I'll give it a few days and then check with the vets office to see if I need to do it again sooner than three weeks.Luckily the pups don't seem bothered by the worms.

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Debbie: you have "mail" on the way! Love the pictures you post for us.

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