eBay sellers: How do you handle pictures?

alisandeMay 3, 2008

I started teaching the eBay classes on Thursday. (Monablair, your help was invaluable--thank you!!) It went well, but I'm a little concerned about next week, when we start talking about selling. (We covered buying this week.)

One reason for my concern is that many of the students (mostly senior citizens) have had zero experience with digital cameras. Some don't even own one. (They should have taken the beginning digital photography class I taught in April.) So I'm going to have to go into a lot of detail about this aspect of eBay selling.

How do you handle your pictures? I use a Photobucket account for eBay, but first I use Photoshop to edit the images, saving them to a CD before they arrive at Photobucket. I'm sure there are simpler ways of doing this, and I'd appreciate your tips.

Also, how do you put up multiple photos in a listing? I use the Self-Hosting option since my images are in Photobucket, and if I want to add more pics to a listing I list them in HTML. But again, I want to give the simplest option to my students. Not only that, but eBay has some attractive photo arrangements that I don't know how to achieve with HTML. Waddya do??



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Sorry - I meant to post this in the Kitchen Table forum.

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