Assignment A and B

gmom74May 16, 2007

B first- called Before


We prefer the before with the empty lot and greenery. The new house doesn't fit the neighborhood- took more than a year to build. Hardly anyone looks at it- price, more than $800,000.

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I agree, the top picture is very easy on the eyes.

Are those Rhododendrons in the bottom pic?
(They're so pretty!)


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Nice photos! Yes, I prefer the first(before) photo as opposed to the after, but only because of the house. You must have a beautiful yard.

I don't have to worry about close neighbours, that's one advantage of living out in the sticks.


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Julie, yes, it is a Rhododendron- either Vulcan or Nova Zembla. I don't remember which. Kt, we were in the sticks when we moved here. Well, almost. There were horses and cows around us- we thought we would be safe. Thirty years later, things have changed.

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Sorry to see the HUGE HOUSE gmom74. Probably only two people live in it. I haven't figured out why people show their wealth that way. Should I come help plant a screening hedge?


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I know what you mean!
I wouldn't like it!
I remember when you posted a picture when they just started building it.
These monster houses usually are pushing up value in surrounding properties.

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Eric, I wish we had room for a nice screening hedge but the south side of the house is too near the property line. I just hope whoever buys the house doesn't put those tall growing evergreens along the fence. There is not much room between the line and the edge of their driveway.
Konrad, we don't like it either. There were some people over there the other day with a truck and a lot of conversation- on the garage side. It made me realize how it will sound with a family living there. Our property assessment actually went down this year! It had been inflated for the past two years and finally something got done about it.

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