My shins demanded this one be posted

rcnaylorMay 20, 2008

Well,I walked about a half mile and back through thigh high grass and some weeds to get this one, in shorts (brilliant), so, my shredded shins say its going up. Ha ha.

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Beautiful !!!!!

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I LOVE windmill photos. Sorry about your shins!

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One picture is worth a thousand words.Very well worth the scraped shins.

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Your shins were right - we got to listen to our shins (and gut) more often :-). Beautiful photo. Thanks for posting!

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Simply awesome and breathtaking! Where on earth did you find such a beauty of creation? I have not seen God's love so brilliantly on display. I'd love to visit whereever this place is.

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Thanks for the kind posts everyone.

And, Sailor, that pic is from just outside of Amarillo, TX. We may not have a lot of "scenery" here, but we have lots of windmills and sky.

I'm very much with you though, God's love is just astoundingly beautiful frequently. Often its just a matter of just slowing down long enough to notice.

And, unfortunately, we're in a drought right now, Sailor, so probably not the best scenic destination at the moment.

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Montana - Big Sky country.

Texas - Big sky country too!

I agree, God's creation is breathtaking.

Beautiful photography, RC....


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