Growth on dog's paw

gerryc28March 18, 2009

I always check my "Goldie" for ticks and felt a spot on her back leg near the top of her paw. Looks exactly like an engorged tick - similar in size and appearance - but it isn't. Hasn't seemed to grow this week and she doesn't lick it or anything. Thinking back, I think I remember a scab in that area. Any ideas?


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Could it be an interstitial cyst?

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Histiocytoma? These are very common. My dog had one on his butt last year - it fell off within a month.

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Our 3 1/2 year old labradoodle got a raisin size black cauliflower growth on her ear. We took to our vet and she removed it for $450. it came back a few months later, we left it alone and it just went away on it's own. The vet said it is like warts on humans, and is a virus so nothing can be done?

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Anything that does not belong on the skin could be nothing, or it could be serious. Ignoring it is not responsible pet ownership.

Since we are sharing stories: years ago, under my vet's supervision, we kept an eye on a little growth on my cat's paw. When it did not go away, the biopsy showed mast cell cancer (rare in cats), which had mastisized , and might have been better dealt with had it been removed the years before, when we first saw it. This killed her in a few years.

So. I am now all for biopsies and removing things.

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At least have the vet stick a needle in it and read the cytology if it is not obvious what the growth is. Some are obvious, some are not.

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my great dane girl had a growth between her toes on her left back foot. it was EXACTLY as you describe, it looked just like an engorged tick, almost the size of a marble. had it removed last week and we are waiting for lab test results. my vet said he was 90% sure it was nothing serious but it wasn't supposed to be there and he wanted it removed.

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Yes, do have a vet check it. Mine told me about the histiocytoma and told me to leave it alone and let her know if it didn't go away by itself.

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gerryc28, how old is Goldie and what breed is she?

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