Hello Fellow-photographers....It's been

juanitalMay 20, 2010

awhile since I have come into post. This was the place that spurned my interest in photography on. Love the personaliztion and sharing that still is going. Nice to see everyone some new & some older faces!!! Hope to come back more often.

Whats been up and new your life lately???

I got more into photography. Joined a few social community sites...Have pared down alot on forums, still gardening but am afraid to say that my enthusiam for it has also toned down, lol. I have a new grandbaby-well he isn't brand new but close, makes three gk for us. Don' think Ive posted a photo of Persephie either. Grandkids are a blast-we enjoy them much!!!

Lucien...5 mos now

Persephie...18 mos

Darius...5 yrs

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Great shots, love how you captured the kids' expressions.Very cute grandkids.

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Beautiful grandchildren, Juanita. I hope you'll continue to post and share.

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Great pics, I have scaled back a lot of my time here as well. Glad to see some older names still active.

Beautiful grandkids. Love the names; French, Greek and Perian.

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OH...Ah..these are lovely!

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Thanks Florentino, Alisande, Zitro(I like that you defined the type of names those are) and Konrad.

I watch Lucien, 2-4 days a week and we still occasionally have Darius stay with us for week at a time-they live 2 hrs away. that'll probably stop when he attends school next year...I already miss the time we wont be having!!! sniff sniff...and mommy & daddy let us have Persephone a few days, that would be her 1st time away from them...Haha-she was good & sweet the whole time-until they came to get her. You ever hear that "while the parents are gone they are good and when they come back they take a turn around"-yep that was her!!!. lol...

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