Jealous Dog Behavior

adellabedella_usaMarch 28, 2011

We have a 1 year old Pomeranian mix that has started to exhibit jealous behavior in the last few weeks. I'm not sure what to do to correct it.

History: We found Chiggar on the side of the road last summer. He was about 3-4 months old. He was injured and had to have an eye removed. I had him neutered at the same time. My kids went back to school the next week so I got to do the potty training, etc. I'm a SAHM so he has gotten attached to me. I think this bad behavior started when we had our major bizzard and the kids stayed home for two weeks. Our schedules got disrupted and we weren't able to go for the normal walks. Anyway, these last few weeks he has started growling and nipping at the kids and dh when they have physical contact with me. If I'm sitting in my chair, Chiggar sits on the arm or back and he will physically try to get in between me and anyone else. If dh kisses me, Chiggar is right there to get in a few licks.

I need suggestions on what to do to correct the behavior.


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Cute name.
Im going to be blunt, since you asked for help.
Your dogs bad behavior is a direct result of YOUR relationship with the dog. Nobody elses.
You need to stop allowing the dog on your chair unless he is invited, when one of your family members come by, pick up the dog and put him on the floor. Your dog sees himself as the leader of your family and he sees you as his personal property - basically his mate. This can go from bad to worse in a hurry.
So, since you are in the house alot and have alot of contact with him, and he has the wrong idea about the relationship he has with you, you can make the biggest impact on changing that.
First. If you eat together as a family - eat first, dog eats last.
Walk the dog in the morning BEFORE feeding it.
When you walk the dog, I suggest leash walking. Have the come to you to put on his collar and leash DONT go to the dog. Have the dog sit and stay at the door and when he is calm THEN you go out the door first not your dog. Have him sit and stay outisde the door before you go off as well. Being sure he is in a calm place.
Whe you are out for your walk. first 5 minutes are scratch, sniff and doing bathroom duties. 20-50 minutes are for walking ONLY, no sniffing, no stopping (unless business is in progress) your dog should be by your side not in front of you leading the way. Last five minutes are scratch and sniff and more potty if needed. Your dog WILL adjust to this routine.
Your dog is going to RESIST all this with all of his might befor he gives into it. Be consistent, dont give in, even if you feel ridiculous, keep up the work.
Your dog should not be allowed on the couch or your chair or any other furniture unless invited. The second a family member shows up to interact with you (preferrably BEFORE he starts to growl or react) off he goes onto the floor.
Start teaching your dog stupid pet tricks - everyone in the family should be doing this anyway, as well as walking the dog, because everyone needs to have a place of authority in your dogs eyes. If not he will never change. Teach him sit, stay, roll over, you can show him a piece of treat in your hand, rub it on both palms, and hide the piece of treat in your closed fist. Teach him to pick the hand the treat is in by letting him smell each fist. The second he smells (picks) a fist open it. Once he gets the hang of it wait to open your fist longer, he will get frustrated and use his paw to "pick" the fist with the treat in gets fun when they pick wrong and quickly pick again to get the treat.
You must be tough, dont mean not negative, but tough, especially in putting him on the floor until he is invited onto any furniture and when family comes close or he will graduate to biting. Good luck

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Excellent advice.

Just a couple things. Correcting the bad behavior may take a while. A couple months even. Because Chigger is filling the dominant role, demoting him to subordinant is not done quickly.

You do not have to love the dog less, just be dominant all the time. He must act the way you show him he has to act. You do not have to be mean, just not allow bad behavior.

And on last thing. Do not reward compliance with rules. Rewards are for the stupid dog tricks(I like that!!!!!!).
Behavior is required, not rewarded.

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I do some of the above already just because it is our habit. I started some of the other habits tonight. I've never spent this much time with a pet before. I didn't realize how easily he could become spoiled. Up until recently, he has been a lot of fun for all of us. He has a really friendly personality and loves to meet people and be petted by them. I didn't think we would have a problem.

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