anybody have a panasonic dmc-tz5?

ms_minnamouseMay 8, 2009

What's your opinion of this camera?

I got this for my birthday, I was super excited because I got to pick out the camera I was getting and I looked up feedback for it and it was pretty good but I'm having problems with it.

I read the instructions but still have problems. Things get over exposed by the flash, even if I'm a distance away from the subject. If I zoom in to a small subject, like a flower, it gets blurry. Zooming in only seems to not get blurry if I'm zooming in to big that's far away.

The colors are off, even though I have it set to automatic or day time or whatever I'm experiencing. I have problems with things being in focus when I use the mode for close up, small objects, the one with the flower icon. I can only get a clear, detailed picture if my hand is 100% still (even though I have the shake/movement feature on) and if I'm standing at a very specific distance, which takes a while to find out.

If I'm taking a picture of a tree, the tree blends into the landscape and it's really hard to differentiate the difference between the tree and the landscape.

When I use the rapid shot mode, I can't ever get pictures in focus. No, I didn't forget to turn off the close up mode.

And when I use the video mode, the sound is very off, sometimes there's clicking noises if I move, and the shot goes out of focuses and zooms back in once in a while even though I haven't changed my position.

Does it sound like my camera is bad or is it me?

I can upload some pictures and videos of what I mean if it'll help. I hope I described it clear enough.

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Is this your first digital camera, Minnamouse? I ask because digitals can take some getting used to. Zooming in all the way, for instance, often results in focus issues. Using a tripod would fix most of them, but who among us does that on a regular basis? Image Stabilization, by the way, is not designed to eliminate photographer shake. :-)

I have three digital cameras, one of which is a Panasonic (not your model). Two family members have Panasonics, too. We all think they're great. We love those Leica lenses! But we've all experienced learning curves with our cameras, including other brands.

Some of your issues sound like the camera has problems, but it's hard to tell from here.

Sorry this wasn't more helpful.


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This isn't the first digital camera I've had. I've had two before this. One I can't recall the make or model and the other one (really it's my mom's) is a Nikon Coolpix 8700.

I never had so many problems with those other cameras, only with this Panasonic one.

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On some cameras, the zoom range is limited for macro work, usually the bottom 1/3 or 1/2 half of the zoom range. The camera lens can not focus on close subjects when zoomed beyond this acceptable range (and when in the close-up mode). On my camera (Canon IS 2) the acceptable part of the zoom indicator bar in the viewfinder is colored differently. A zoom indicator line shows on the zoom bar, and this is the only warning of where you are at. It will let you zoom beyond the acceptable range for macro, but then, can not focus on close objects.

I"m guessing that your camera has similar.

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Thanks guys. I'm going to see if I still have a warranty on it or can figure something out. And also, zoom indicator bar doesn't have anything that indicates acceptable range for macro and I didn't see anything about that in the manual either.

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