How do I get urine smell out of the microfiber couch?

smig26March 23, 2010

Any suggestions on how to get the smell of urine out of a microfiber couch?

I spot treated the couch cushion, so no stain...but the smell is still there. I believe some of the problem stems from the foam insert of the cushion. I am going to clean that next.

Any tricks of the trade?

Thanks in advance!

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The urine will seep down, around and deeply into whatever surface was peed upon. Before you do anything further be sure to spot test a bit of the fabric.

For sofa cushions, the only way I could get the smell out (at least to my nose) was to remove the cover, launder separately, soak the foam in enzymatic, allow to air dry, soak and air again. The covers are first rinsed well, laundered in enzymatic with an enzymatic rinse, then laundered as normal with soap (not detergent).

Once I had no enzymatic to treat the cushions so just poured most of a bottle of mouthwash into the foam and into the washing machine. Everything was so minty fresh! This was a few months ago and I can still catch a faint whiff of mint when sat on the sofa. The cat hasn't peed there again either so maybe the mouthwash did the job.

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I would soak the area of the foam cushion down with an enzymatic cleaner. My preference is Simple Solution, but Nature's Miracle works just as good.

I would let the enzymatic cleaner soak in and air dry.

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My kitten peed on the sofa after I abruptly changed her brand of cat litter. It stunk to high heaven. My cushions inserts are oversized and it seeped right in. I soaked and dried them in Nature's Miracle 3 times to try to get out all of the odor. Then, I washed them with soap in the bathtub. I ended up having to run the covers in the washing machine, too. They say it's best to use an enzyme cleaner because it cuts out the smell and reduces your chance of a re-occurrence of improper elimination. The animals can detect what we can't. I might try the Simple Solution as joepye suggested if I ever have a problem again (hope not). I was disappointed having to soak everything 3 times.

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The mistake most people make with the enzymatic cleaners is rinse them off too quickly. They need time to set in and work.

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Joepyeweed is right. You have to give the solution a good long time to work. If you keep the area damp with the solution, it will digest the stain. I once got blueberry stains out of a white cotton shirt by keeping Simple Solution damp on it for three days. No sign it was ever stained.

I have an almost-house trained dog, and another who is on steroids, so sometimes must go in the house. I first use my Spot Bot (or Little Green Machine - same difference) to suck up as much urine as I can. Then I soak the area with SS and let it sit at least a half hour and suck up the fluid (hoping to "wash out" more urine with the SS) and then I soak it again with SS and just let it dry. If it is a vomit stain or other difficult stain, I will cover the carpet with a damp cloth to make sure it does not dry too quickly.

If you use any kind of machine to suck up this kind of spot, you will find that the machine soon reeks! I wish the instructions had said to rinse the machine several times before putting it away. I will suck plain water through the nozzle and hose, dump the container and repeat several times. The last time, I use it to suck up Simple Solution and then let it stay in the machine. Oh, how I wish I had done this from the start!

My new game plan for dealing with incontinence is to cover the hallways (where the dogs "go") with washable quilted incontinence pads like they use underneath people in hospitals and nursing homes. I got them for my father-in-law originally, but found that they worked great for the dogs, too. They contain the urine and have a waterproof backing, so the urine does not get to my carpet anymore.

My father-in-law lived with us and his caregivers were here all day. He died a couple of weeks ago and my three dogs are now alone most days. I have my sister stop by on her way home from work mid-afternoon, and she lets them out for me. On the few days that she has forgotten or my arrangements fell through, the dogs have been making it through the day pretty well. My almost-house trained girl is getting better and better. It almost seems that she is finally "getting" it!

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Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Nancy. I remember you mentioning him way back when you were trying to sell your house.


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And of course I have to question why you let your pets on your furniture? Too late, I realize, but I always wonder why???

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because it's much more comfortable than sitting on the floor with them :)

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I am with Kittens!

Susan, thanks for the kind thoughts. He was a fighter and a joy to be with. It was his time, and he is at peace.

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