Another happy story

newhomeseekerMarch 25, 2010

I had posted about another cat at the shelter I work at becoming very ill (after my little 9mth old kitty died suddenly after losing weight). The cat wasn't eating and I took her to the manager and told her she could be at risk for fatty liver disease. They have had in quarantine since that day and I just found out that she pulled through and is recovering and things are looking very good for this cat. They think she was depressed and just stopped eating (her owner died) and she was going down the same road as the last cat. I'm very happy that she is recovering and that they caught her in time and nursed her back to health but at the same time I am sad they didn't save my little guy that I was planning to adopt. I keep replaying it in my head that I should have sneaked him out of there that last night I held him and rushed him to my emergency vet. But what if's don't bring him back. Maybe his death actually saved this cat's life because the shelter took her condition more seriously.

But I wanted to post the good news that she is doing much better and seems to be out of danger. She is being monitored closely and is not out with the general population.

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glad the little one is doing well!

(but keep your eye on her!)

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