Even a weed can be beautiful

lazypupApril 19, 2010

One of the great advantages of photography is that it encourages us to slow down and take the time to really see our surroundings. Today while out in the yard I happened to notice some tiny specs of blue protruding through the grasss. On closer inspection i realized that it was the blossoms on a lowly weed called "Ground Ivy".

I snapped a couple shots of the plant then i got the idea to place a ruler next to a stalk and shoot a picture to give a size reference:

As i continued to look at it I could not help but notice how tiny and intricate those blossoms really were so I set out to get a close up of just the blossom.

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They grow everywhere down here also. They are tiny and you took some excellent pics of them especially the macro photo.

Very nice!


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That macro shot is an uncropped full frame image

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You're so right...sometimes it's good to go down to ground level and
observe the beauty of nature...good job!


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Some of my favorite pics are of weeds. Very nice!

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Love those weeds. Actually I don't like having to pull them up. I believe they help in giving of some needed cover for potential flora!

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