8x8 lasagna

bbstxNovember 5, 2011

How many people will an 8x8 pan of lasagna feed? Will it be enough for 4 women and 2 men with salad and garlic bread? How would you cut it? 1/4 for each of the men and 1/8 for each of the women?

I have an 8x8 pan in the freezer and I would love to use it up. It is too much for just DH and I. Should I hang on to it until I'm only having 4 for dinner?

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An 8 inch lasagna will make 4 pieces 4 by 4...skimpy even for 4 people if 2 are hungry men or teens.

I went to a dinner party once where the hostess called it because as she said she was cleaning out her freezer before she went away for the winter. She had 2 partial trays of Lasagna (in a foil tray, from Sam's Club) both had been cooked and refrozen. She put them together and reheated them and there was enough for a 2 by 4 inch piece for everyone. That was 5 years ago and people are still laughing!

Save that lasagna for a time when it will be a nice generous amount....and if there are leftovers you can have lasagna for lunch.
Linda C

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I probably wouldn't do it. Volume-wise I think it's plenty of food, but I'd save it for a dinner for four. When I'm feeding guests I'd rather there be leftovers than worry about dividing a fixed amount appropriately or wonder if someone's not taking seconds just to be polite.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the input, confirming my fear that 8x8 is insufficient for 6.

Serving sizes are always a mystery to me. Last week, I made a pasta dish where the directions said "4 to 6 servings." We had another couple for dinner. We had 4 generous servings at dinner, DH and I ate leftovers once and I think he had it for lunch another day, and I still had a lot to throw out! It was at least 8 servings.

LindaC, I don't think I would feed guests lasagna that had been frozen, cooked, re-frozen, and re-cooked, regardless of the amount each got. Throw it away! Frugal is good, but that is beyond the pale! Maybe it was good that there was only a small amount for each of you!

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Yeah.....thats' what we felt....LOL!
The directions on the pasta box are always VERY generous. I find, when cooking a funeral lunch that a pound of pasta, with about 4 cups of added meat and veggies and lots of sauce will easily feed 18 to 20, with salad and bread and dessert.....for lunch!!\
I am remembering the time when our church was planning on feeding 1000 when Ragbrai came through. we were making a cold pasta chicken salad. The person in charge (not me!!!) figured 4 servings per pound of pasta and got 250 pounds of Barilla fusilli. Somewhere after cooking 100 pounds I prevailed and we measured how many cups in a pound of cooked pasta and poured 1 1/2 cups of pasta onto a plate.....and realized we had more than twice what we needed!
Estimates of pounds of pasta per serving are generous....but my box of Barilla spaghetti says it'll serve 8.....and I think that's pretty well good.
And yes BBStix.....most people wouldn't serve that to guests....but this woman is a multi gazillion-aire and I guess that's how she stays that way!! LOL !
And that's why we laughed!

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I think it would be enough, if it is a home-made, piled high one. I do this size for my family of four, cut in 9 pieces, have enough left for at least two people next day for lunch.
Which reminds me, it's almost lasagne time, I do one once a year at Christmas.

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I guess it really depends on the people! I know some folks who could eat an 8x8 pan by themselves. Others take a sliver and leave leftovers.

If you had other things with it, and assuming more stereotyped appetites for the men & women, you could cut it into 3"x4" pieces for the men and then it'd leave 2.5"x4" slices for the women. I'd probably consider a pasta salad with it though! Maybe some sandwiches earlier on? How about a pizza or some spaghetti to go with it?

Also depends if this is a cocktail type party or a real dinner menu. If someone is hungry after a long day at work, it'd likely be skimpy portions whether male or female.


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Cynic, I appreciate your 2 cents worth...and your excellent math skills! But like most things that I fret about, it has been overcome by circumstances. My houseguests have bailed out on me!

I have decided I am going to cook this 8x8 pan of lasagna on the Sunday before Thanksgiving! We can eat at least dinner and lunch (or maybe two dinners, depending on how piggy DH gets!) This will leave me free to cook for Thursday.

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Great plan easy meals before major cooking events are a good thing!
....hmmm...pasta salad with lasagna? never would have thought of that.....

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You could serve it as part of a pasta duo, make another pasta dish such as shells in a creamy sauce, this would extend your portions.

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I have an 8 x 8 pan that is really deep (about 4 1/2 inches). I use no bake noodles and can make a lasanga in it that will serve 6-8. When I do, though, I'm usually cooking just for the 2 of us with intended leftovers. If I were to bake lasanga for a dinner party I would use a more traditional (rectangular) pan, since I have a pretty one.


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