Snake bite death

live_wire_oakMarch 27, 2012

I don't post on the Pet Forum much, but I am active here at GW and needed to vent/release some emotion. Not looking for sympathy, even though everyone is great about that. I guess I'm just looking to let the universe know that my boy existed and I loved him.

I lost my 10 year old boy, my Cosmo cat, this a.m. Hubby woke me up at 6:30 and said that he was in the corner of the sunroom crying. Didn't even bother with a robe, just ran out to see what the problem was. He was horribly cyanotic, with face swollen and eyes almost shut. I grabbed sweatpants and a T-shirt, then stuffed my drivers license and a credit card in my pocket and wrapped him in a towel and rushed him to the vet. I was their first customer of the day and I'm sure it wasn't a great way for them to begin the day either. The vet said that it was probably a copperhead bite near the face, and that if I had a million dollars he didn't think he could save him. Well, I don't have anywhere near a million dollars, and money is tight right now, but that's what credit cards are for. But, he was crying and in pain, and I could end that pain for him. So I held him and did at least stop him from hurting. I'm not sure how I drove home. I don't remember it. The other cats are sniffing his body saying goodbye and now I've got to go dig his grave. It's got to be me that does it, even though hubby offered to. He was MY special boy.

I have seen a copperhead on this property only once in 20 years and I don't want to get into the cats shouldn't be outside bit. It wasn't my choice. It was his. Cosmo was happier being outside and didn't spray like he did when he was confined to just the house. I had him 10 years, and he spent it lying in the sun, eating grass, and catching the occasional vole. He was happy and would always come running for petting when anyone came up the drive or keep me company while I gardened. He was a good boy and had a good life and I'm sad that he's gone.

RIP Cosmo, 2002-2012

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I am SO sorry, Live Wire Oak, and extend my deepest sympathy! I could not help but cry when I read your post! I can feel your pain, but you fortunately were able to so kindly put your sweet boy out of his misery so he could go up to The Rainbow Bridge! Also, just remind yourself at what a wonderful life your sweet boy had for all those years! I can tell how loving you are and that he had a wonderful life with you.

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I am crying, too. What a sad story but you did the right thing. He had a wonderful life with you who loved him so much.

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I am crying as well....I am so sorry that you and especially, Cosmo, had to go through that. I hope he is resting peacefully in the arms of a very special angel who will care for him in heaven.

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AAAWWW I'm so sorry (((((

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I'm so sorry Live Wire. We lost "my girl" last July to cancer. She was my heart so I can relate to the pain you feel. (((hugs)))

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So very sorry to hear of your loss. They are just like our children in many ways. He was a handsome guy.

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What a shocking way to lose your precious kitty boy.

I'm glad you took him to the vet as fast as you could, and put him out of his misery when he couldn't be saved.

You will find the strength to get through this tough time, and Cosmo will always live in your heart.

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Thank you for sharing his memory. It is only fitting to do that for your friend and companion. He is a beautiful cat and I can tell.......much loved. I'm sorry.

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I am so sorry for your terrible loss. As hard as it was, you did the right thing for your sweet boy and you gave him a wonderful life.

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What a sad story. Poor kitty, poor you. I know the grief you feel. Been there many times. He was a beautiful loved cat.

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What a handsome boy!
My kitties have always preferred to be indoor/outdoor.
I tell myself that it's quality of life that matters, not quantity... but it still hurts so much when they don't live to be 50.
Obviously, Cosmo won the lottery when he joined your family!

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Thank you all for your kinds works. I appreciate it. Taking some time off and doing a bit of yardwork helped me work through some of the sadness. I managed to transplant a sycamore seedling next to where I buried Cosmo in the pasture, and it will become a sweet reminder of him for the future.

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