Rusty Bridge

kentuck_8bApril 22, 2007

This old rusty bridge has a lot of history behind it. It crosses Cummins Creek in Fayette County.

Sorry for the small size...downsizing it for uploading to the net made it tiny.


Image link:

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Neat old bridge!

Up in SE PA, we had many covered bridges...I've got lots of photos of them, but no scanner hooked up at the moment so I cannot post them.

Some folks newer to the area wanted them all torn down and replaced with modern bridges...ugh!
The counties fought long and hard.
Eventually, all were, or are in the process of, being restored.

Hooray for OUR side!

I love riding over them...*rumble rumble...

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Over the river and through the woods to Haw Creek we go,
Nothing is there,but the cemetry was spared ect..................................

I think I have the right bridge.

Very nice bridge Kt. Nice to see it's on the historical list. The covered bridges should be listed also.


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Very nice, Kt.

My Mom collects post cards of covered bridges, although they are all enclosed with wood.

Is that bridge also very narrow so that two normal sized cars can't pass by each other?


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Yes, definitely a one lane bridge. In fact, some large(wide) trailers are too wide to pass over it.

Piano Bridge, that I posted a while back, is also a one-laner.

Many of the bridges, and at least one other that I posted that was taken over Cummins Creek, are no longer vehicle passable, but you are allowed to walk to, and over them.

Yes, Eric, Haw Creek is not far from this bridge, closer to Shelby.

Cemeteries, is about all that remains of many towns around here. There are a few ghost towns in the area, cemeteries and maybe a few hand-dug wells are about all that remain of past civilizations.


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That bridge brings back memories when my kids were teens. There was a bridge almost exactly like that the kids called the "Troll" bridge. One year at Hallowe'en they all loaded up in my car and had me drive them to the bridge. Just as I was starting across the bridge something fell in front of me. Scared the begebbers out of me. I slammed on the brakes throwing everyone off their seats. Screamed loudly. It was a dummy the kids had made to look like a person dangling from a rope. They sure pulled a good one on me. Shortly after that the bridge was torn down. The kids were sad about losing it.

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