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margaret_garfieldMarch 31, 2007

Due to the recent expansion of the pet food recall, I'm looking for a canned food with no wheat gluten that my fussy cat will eat. She only likes the Fancy Feast with gravy flavors. They all have wheat gluten. I believe it is the wheat gluten that makes the "gravy". Sometimes she only licks off the gravy and leaves the meat morsels.

I've tried more expensive brands and she won't eat them. (Which is funny because for dry food, she mostly eats Evo, which is the most expensive I've seen.) Does anyone with fussy cats have a recommendation? Hopefully for a gravy food?


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Margaret, I have the exact same situation. Just this morning I separated all the FF that has wheat gluten and am going to throw it out. I am checking every label of everything that goes into my dogs and cats. So far my dog food is okay...dry lamb and rice Nutro Natural Choice. I am going to try another brand, but not sure which yet. I have 24 cans of FF that do not have wheat gluten.

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I'm doing the same. My cats will only eat Fancy Feast as their wet food (I split a can between the two of them each morning). I just checked my remaining stock, luckily only 4. Two had wheat gluten and two did not. They seem to like all types of Fancy Feast, so I'll go stock up on non-wheat gluten types tomorrow and dump the wheat gluten stuff. My cats also like cat treats and I'm guility of giving them too many at times. I had four big packs of cat treats and all contained wheat gluten as a primary ingredient. BTW I posted in another post that my cat Basil has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroid. He has been losing weight and doesn't look well. I really hope this is indeed hyperthyroid and not from the food. . . The coincidence of both things occurring at the same time is unsettling.

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Margaret -and all - the EVO brand by Natura also has canned foods. A "gravy food" might be hard to find without gluten. I have one boy who goes on a rampage if he doesn't get his grilled fancy feast (a cuts 'n' gravy food). So far it has been safe, FF (Purina) maintains that their foods have not been contaminated (EXCEPT Mighty Dog 3.5 oz packaged dog food.) Regardless, we are not allowing it any more as of yesterday.
We will mix a little water with the non-gluten-containing foods (tender beef feast, gourmet chicken feast, tender beef and liver feast, and tender beef and chicken feast varieties of Fancy Feast) to make it gravy-like.
I do want to move to a raw-food diet with my fur-kids, but until then, and in the transition, FF non-gluten varieties will have to do.
Good luck to all as we move through this.

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I just switched my Emma to a product called Blue Buffalo (pricey). She is very picky but she loved it (ha!- you might know!) For awhile I will give this to her. I usually give her Purina Pro loaf (I think they call it) for her wet food and add water. No "gravied" wet food for her. It troubles me that at Petsmart yesterday, they had all the Purina Pro at half off.... I wonder .....
Don't know what to do about her dry food.

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