Loose and Sagging Couch Pillows

aktillery9March 1, 2010

Has anyone who has seperate couch pillows that are not attached to the back of the sofa had issues with them becoming malformed and flattening? I have had my sofa for a while and it gets so mishapenned. I wondered if anyone maybe has used some sort of a board or had has any ideas or tips on how to keep the back cushions upright and stiffer instead of getting mushed down?



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Do they have a zipper? If so, you may be able to add more poly fill to give them life again. Joann's carries it, as do many other stores.

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I would suggest new foam, but it's not cheap and the sofa may not be worth the investment. You have nothing to lose by cutting a piece of cardboard to the shape of the pillow and sliding it in to the back of each pillow.

This is why I will never (again) buy a sofa with loose back cushions.

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We buy new foam on EBay. There is a store that sells all thicknesses. It comes in a roll. Also the batting to cover it. You cut it yourself, cover it with batting, and slip it in.

I refuse to get a new sofa for the den until after our very old and ill doggy is gone. She can't help it and she's comfortable there. Even though we have towels and blankets there she manages to move them. The foam also seems to get saggy in that couch fast, so the inner cores have been replaced more than once. It will tide you over.

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mpm.... I will give that a try!

gray... I will never buy another that that has the loose pillows again either!

Bio... I totally understand about your doggie. Mine mean the world to me. I am glad she is comfy there!


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Add me to the list of never again for loose back pillows. My sofa and loveseat set looked so lovely when I bought it, but within months, it always looks like someone has slept on the back of the cushions the night before.

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It's not just loose back pillows! Ours are attached to the back of the couch and they're sagging horribly! We're going to have it recovered, so we'll address that issue at that time.

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Try this stuff ... it is not horrendously expensive and can be cut to fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Densified Batting

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Ok that explains a few things...

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LOL AnnKathryn. We have a dog who thinks she's a cat: always perched on our couch cushions along the back of the couch. Thankfully she only weighs 14 pounds!

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We have down cushions and they do the same thing. It drives me nuts. I wish I hadn't upgraded to "down". I also think the fabric we choose has alot of stretch to it.

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I have to agree with hoosiergirl. The ones that are attached to the sofa back, but look like they are loose, are the worst. Atleast the ones that are loose can be flipped, rotated, and "massaged" into a more desirable shape. I will be happy when "tightback" sofas go back to being the norm and not the exception in furniture styles.

Totally Confused

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I just replaced the ones on our old oak couch I waited until JoAnn's had a half price sale on their foam. I also hate the back cushions but this is an oak couch and chair & attoman that we built with no plans 35 years ago. We spent hours, days, weeks on it. The ends are all decorative and cut on the band saw. There is no way we could toss it. They are in the bar area of our rec room and don't get used much.

loved the kitty picture - mine do the same thing.

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Give me one long cushion!

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Some cushions actually come with boards inside.

You could add a board and then add some foam around too...

I had a few guides - I'll repost if i find them.

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My Ethan Allen semi attached are still going strong after 15 years. I guess I'm lucky.
We have four sofas. The loose cushion looks the worst.
We have two that are just upholstered,no cushions and they always look neat because they don't have back cushions.

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That is why I love my new tight back couch! My Westie lives on the top edge of the couch, and all my loose back attached cushioned couches were a mess. I bought another couch, with loose cushions, and even those were squished down and always needed reshaping. You can get new foam and batting for the loose cushions, however, if they have zippers, and refill them. I did that before I finally bit the bullet and bought this new tight back, which we LOVE, and the dog canâÂÂt hurt this one at all.

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Here is my 70lb. cushion smasher. She can see the street in total comfort.

I agree, I'll never have loose back cushions again.

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When I visit DD it seems her cushion are always such a mess, and I hate it! I take them off, one at a time, throw on the floor, and jump on them! It seems the only way to really bring back the shape! I'm 114 lbs. so enough weight that I can take the down that's settled more in some areas and move it around. Of course I let my GS help me.

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The closest I get is I flip them. That is, I'll take the one on the far right and put it on the far left, flipping front to back, and again, the one in the middle, but only front to back. It helps, but sure doesn't look like it did when we bought it. I have told my young teen son, when he keeps it clean (there's a cover that I clean some on it), then, we'll buy a new one. Not happening any time soon. You know teen boys and the habits they can sometimes exhibit.

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OT but I also learned not to buy a single, attached bottom cushion.
They start out so clean and nice looking but within a few monts te fabric stretches and you left with ripples. Fortunately Room and Board let us exchange it and the sales person told us they all do that so to always get a couch with divided bottom cushions.

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I have a 40 lb sofa cushion crusher (large beagle). I also used to crush a certain cushion myself, by putting my legs up while lying down reading. When we got a new den sofa, I trained myself not to do it.

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It's the reason I only buy tightback sofas.

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I recall a post on a blog ..decorologist.com
where they addressed this by tufting the back cushions. Made a huge difference to the look of the couch. It was a loose back couch though not the semi attached cushions. Might be worth
doing a search on her site to have a look.

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LOL! That looks like a twin to my cat, Zackey! But he never gets on the furniture. Well, just the bed....

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Ya'll - animals on the furniture - GROSS!!!

Apologies of course, my long haired German Shepherd is 110 pounds so would never be allowed on the furniture in the first place.

I did buy a new sofa last year from Hickory White and back pillows sagged terribly. Complained, eventually new ones were sent out. (Had three pillows, received 5 of totally different dimensions, sent all back). Round 2 - has worked out fairly well. In hindsight, I think I could have stuffed the existing pillows with new material.

Best of luck. If sofa is fairly new, hope you can contact the MFR and get new ones sent out.

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Action shot:


The new pillows have corrected this.

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