Does this rug work with this fabric?

jdonl061March 10, 2014

Hi there
I have recently started reading the home decorating forums and there seems to be a lot of helpful advice. I have made some decorating mistakes and could really benefit from your help! We are redecorating our living room and dining room in an 1880s home. The loveseat in the living room will be in this fabric:
And I was wondering about this rug for the dining room (I would have to take the fabric swatch to the rug to ensure the colours work together but I would love to hear your thoughts based on the pictures)

So the rug and loveseat wouldn't be directly together but a few feet away from each other. Also if I did do a rug like that, what kind of rug would I do in the living room? Another similar style rug in coordinating colours?

I love My3dogs style and am considering using the crimson colour she used in her living room.
Thank you for any help!

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You get a ton more responses if the images are in your thread.

To do that, go to the site with your image. Right click on the image and choose "copy image url" from the drop down menu that appears.

Then, in the body of your post, type this

After the " = " hit "edit" and "paste" to bring in the url.

Lastly, type in this after the url

a >


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Thank you! I have a Mac and couldn't seem to find a way to copy the url. The picture above is the loveseat fabric and this is the rug (not my leather couch, that is from the store picture)

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Rug looks a bit intense for the fabric unless you have some intense and some faded colors in both rooms.

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Hi, jdonl061,

I don't get on the board much recently as my wonderful Mum is terminally ill, but I came here for a break and saw this post. It gave me a wonderful boost, and I thank you.

I love the rug, and the lower part of my living room is Ben Moore Baked Terra Cotta, if you can get a sample of that color.

My living room rug has a few shades of blue in it, (and Photobucket is down right now, so I can't put a pic here).
Look at this post and you'll be able to see the colors in my LR rug.

But I took one of those blues and put Ben Moore Wythe Blue in my small entry way, which is between my living room and dining room. Then in the dining room, I have a Couristan rug and I used Thibaut 'Hunterdon' wallpaper in there, which may be discontinued now.

I just found another post here showing OLD pictures if the rooms - please know they have improved slightly, and you'll see how I carried the colors through. See link below.

My personal thought is that the style of the wallpaper isn't great with the beautiful rug, but if the rooms aren't right next to each other, it may work. If you can post pics of your home, it may help people here give some help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down to see my little entry and the dining room

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It could work, but it is not clear to me that they are an ideal match. I think it would depend on the whole room. To use an extreme example, if the rug covered the entire floor and every piece of furniture plus the windows were done in your floral, I think id say "no".

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Holly- Kay

I love the rug and also think your fabric is lovely. I think a French style rug would work better with your fabric if it's in the same room. Since it isn't going to be in the same room maybe it would work but it seems to be discordant. I like to see a rug that picks up on a design element of the fabric. I don't know that the Nourison rug is a good colorway to be used with your fabric but there are many other French style rugs that could be used.

Here is a link that might be useful: This rug

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I think the two rugs work well together but, for me, I'd choose another fabric as this one doesn't blend the way I feel is necessary to make it look settled.

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My3dogs so sorry to hear about your mother! Thank you for your thoughts and advice.
This is a picture of the living room, sorry can only figure out how to add one picture at a time...

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I have the same fireplace insert and similar fireplace surround. Pocket doors, too. Your house looks to be around the same vintage as mine--1911, classical revival.

I don't see the fabric and rug playing well together. I like Holly-kay's rug suggestion with the fabric, but it would definitely make for a very feminine space.

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I really appreciate all this feedback! cawaps that is interesting, what did you do with your rooms? We are not entirely sure about the sofa fabric so perhaps maybe it would be better to design the room around the rug instead. Here is a picture of the family room which is next to the dining room. Do you think the rug I posted above works with this circle rug in our family room?

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And here is a cluttered (sorry!) living room/dining room photo to give you some context. Nothing is fixed (wallpaper, paint etc all to be changed) except the table.

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Oh, I love old houses. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Because of the expense and (relative) narrowness of choices, I would start with the rug. Is the LR one a cat's paw from D&A? The color are harmonious but IMHO the pattern is very informal to play well with the one you linked?

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Thanks mtnrdredux! The circle one is actually from LLBean but does look similar to that cat's paw one.
I guess I was hoping the informality of the family room rug would be okay because it is a family room and the dining room/living room are more formal rooms? The rooms have a small doorway opening into each other. Maybe I should have considered a more formal rug for the family room as well? We have 3, almost four children under 5 so I do need to consider what will be practical! It is an old house with lots of separate rooms but they all have connections to each other and I'm finding it hard to tie things together. It is really helpful to hear from others! I think the mistakes I have made have come from getting lots of individual pieces I like without considering how they will work together.

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I can't tell where the family room is in relation to the other rooms. So maybe it doesn't matter?

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It is on the other side of the dining room, behind the camera in the photo above. They are separate rooms but connected by a doorway:)

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