for those who are using win8 on your pc

Sue_vaMarch 18, 2013

I would like some pros and cons from actual users. I've ordered a new HP, tower only, with WIN8, and will use my same monitor and keyboard. Using XP now.

I couldn't find just a tower with WIN7.



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is quite different but there are some very good tutorials to help make the change over and there are ways to make it much more like windows seven with just a few additions and changes.
I can give you some links when the time comes if that would help. There is a little small add on you can do that will make it have the start button and look pretty much like 7.
Welcome to Classic Shell that is an excellent choice for you and it is free.
and the eight forums are great for learning new tips and tricks with good tutorials.
Windows 8 Forums check out their tutorials section it is great.

It will take some adjustment and time to learn but the basics are still the same, just the look and feel are different basically.

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I guess you didn't check the Dell web site. I just ordered a new tower with Win 7 from Dell. We have Win 7 at work, I have Win 7 on my notebook, and Win XP on the computer I'm using right now. I don't want Win 8.

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I got a new Dell tower with Win 8 and I hate it. My e-mail program on the previous computer was Windows Mail and it is not compatible so I lost 10 years of saved e-mail. Now it won't work with my HP printer either. It is awful in my opinion. Sorry but you asked. I am sorry I got it.

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I just ordered a Win 7 tower for my brother-in-law, from HP. They still have several models with Win 7.

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I've been using Win8 since November coming from Vista and it was a learning curve, but, I've learned to like it. Once you bypass the tile screen, you can use it like the older Windows for the most part. I'm not big on apps, so the tile screen isn't something I use too often.

I suppose the con is the learning curve. Just do searches for Win8 tips and tricks, tutorials and the like and you'll be fine in no time.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ghoghunter if you have an hp printer and problems with 8 go to the hp site enter your printer make and model they have a chat feature that is really good and tell them what is happening, it may be a simple update of a driver that will be the fix.
Most companies have put out new drivers for their products for windows 8 so if anyone has compatibility issues be sure to check the websites for those new drivers or firmware.
And if you still have the other computer you should be able to still access your mail file and save it to a flash drive to keep available.
I have seen several options still available with windows 7.

But a note of importance if anyone has windows 7 and has not done the sp1 update you need to do that very soon because the end of life support is ending for plain windows 7 in April.
To continue getting your windows updates and security fixes you must have the sp1 update on your windows 7 computers.
Here is some info on that.
Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

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I am making note of ravencajun's very helpful sites. My computer with Windows XP crashed last week and I had to buy a new one - I live in Toronto - and yes, I bought one that unfortunately has Windows 8. Windows 8 is not compatible with our paid for by the month security - found out that the hard way - and finally spoke with someone at Rogers who knew this - they all don't. I spent hours on the phone with HP in India and then the same with Microsoft. I also bought the Student Microsoft 2013 package that has Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - but it came with a KEY number - not discs. I have successfully loaded Microsoft Office Professional (with discs) on my last 2 computers so was not expecting a major problem - but I have one. You can only use the key once and it didn't take I know it has something to do with my e-mail address. The computer store where I bought the sucker told me to enter my e-mail address and carry on when I was setting up the computer. I did so, but my password was all lower case and this would not work with the new set-up so I made up a new one (apparently you can change it - but guess what - it won't let me). The person at the Rogers, our Internet/Cable company instructed me to uninstall the Norton anti-virus so that I could re-install our monthly paid for anti-virus that we buy from them. Well, it doesn't work with Windows 8 but he didn't know this. I called Best Buy - couldn't help. So I called HP and they took control of my computer and downloaded Defender. I knew not to try and load the Microsoft office until I had an anti-virus program installed. The HP fellow tried to install it and realized after I had typed in the key that it wasn't going to work. Apparently, according to Microsoft - he transferred me to him - this happens a lot - the e-mail/password problem - ends up corrupting something and you can't reload - so now the Microsoft fellow has sent my file to the appropriate dept. to be fixed and I am to expect a call from India within 3 days. Someone had better be able to fix this because the program cost me $139.00 plus our Cdn. taxes. Then Microsoft loaded on a Hotmail e-mail - but I noticed he did it via the temporary Outlook. While I love Outlook I have not purchased it and do not need it. So when I open up Internet I get the MSN - bing business and I have to sign in with my original Rogers e-mail with the new password that has 2 capitalized alpha characters. But I want my home page to be Rogers - we have Rogers Internet. When I am lucky enough to find it I can enter my e-mail using my original password - so something is still very iffy. The 'charms' as they are called on the first page drive me nuts. I only use my computer for e-mail, Internet and some Word - plus a few of the necessary accessories to keep the computer "healthy'. I do not shop on e-Bay, Amazon, etc., I don't play games, play music or watch TV. I use it like a fancy typewriter. I know there must be a way to increase the font size and the size of the screen. At the moment everything is probably in 8 point with 2 inch margins. I have always kept my fonts large and I didn't have the margins. it isn't a problem with my vision - at almost 63 I still have 20/20 but I see no point in straining my eyes just to see the darned computer. So - I HATE IT! I haven't hooked up the Brother laser printer I bought as yet. My old printer - a Canon - that cost about $60.00 used the dreaded inkjet cartridges - and even though I would tell it not to print in colour - and I do know how - it ignored me. Of course you can't print unless there are colour and black cartridges in the printer - so there I was with $51.34 worth of 2 cartridges - the colour is very expensive - plus our taxes on hand - and I was 6 days late in being able to return them. I knew the old printer would not work with the new computer so I was printing out what I could while I was crashing. It was kind of awful - non-responsive mode for an hour at a time. I have no plans to try and reload anything on to the new computer just in case there is something wrong with the data. Then there was the old computer. I deleted what I could but couldn't manage to get rid of the stuff that I really wanted to - as in my name, registration, Outlook Express etc. - so I took off the side panel, took out the likely pieces of hardware - gave them a soaking and took the hammer to them and then put the side piece back on before I took It to the store's recycling department. So I am not a happy camper. Every time I try to do something basic it backfires, so I will definitely look at raven's websites - and I guess I had better see if that darned new printer will work. Best Buy sold it to me with the computer so it had better work - and I will be having something to say to them about the Microsoft Office package. Sorry for the rant, but you got me on Day ONE! I keep trying to load a toolbar that has something on it to allow me to change the font but so far that hasn't worked.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you can not have 2 antivirus programs on the pc, if it came with norton installed then it must be fully removed before any other AV program is installed, this is especially true with norton. I would be happy to give you a link to a free program for that. I don't know why they used defender. I would suggest MSE which is by Microsoft.

As to the office programs there are a few excellent free options that can be used in place of those expensive MS ones. I use the free Open Office suite on all of mine, have not used MS office since 2003 I think.

For the Hotmail address you don't have to go through anything, just open your browser and type in, enter the user name and password, that's it. I use Hotmail as my main address, love it.

I never used the email address provided by the ISP, and I never go to that website, I have comcast, I don't like their home site, I chose another site for my home page it's very easy to change your homepage in the browser.

if the font size you refer to is the text on websites then that can easily be changed in the browser settings also. An easy way to increase size on any page is to hold down the control key while turning your center mouse wheel, it will increase and decrease as you turn.

Many of these things are browser related not specifically windows 8.
If you have questions ask you might be surprised to hear someone else was needing the same question answered.

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Raven, I check out CompHelp every day and have book marked every thing I've seen about WIN8, so I can go back and reread it. I had not seen Classic Shell, so now I have that too. Thanks.

Lindsey, I probably did check Dell, but I am an old HP fan and that is really what I wanted.

Joann, pros and cons is what I asked for, so I appreciate your post. Sorry you are having such a bad time, and hope you can get it all worked out.

Wanda, I started looking a couple months ago and I looked at HP's site several times and didn't find one. Now they are having a "Spring Spectacular" and I see several to chose from. Thank you, thank you!! I've looked it over, and over, and I will be getting one of those; haven't decided which one yet.

debi_2006, I guess there is an inevitable learning curve with any change, but hopefully the 7 will be the easier of the two.

eccentric, hang in there, and take Raven's advice.

Thanks to all of you. This thread turned out to be just what I was looking for.


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Thanks very much, ravencajun. The whole sad story started when all I wanted to do was start the computer and since I have done far more complex things with my past 2 computers, who knew?! After reading about the OP's problem with her HP printer I decided to check the CD that came with my Brother printer just in case it isn't compatible with Windows 8. It would appear it isn't - from the CD alone - you have to download it from the Internet. At this point I am downloading zip! I called the store because I do expect the salesperson to know what goes with what when he sells it to me. I spoke with him - he needs to learn that service does not stop at the cash register. I have until next Wed. to take it back. I suggested I speak with someone who knew about the products and he wouldn't refer me. So I called the Geek Squad and told them - they want business - so the fellow told me that I would have to download from the Internet - I will give him a glowing review when I go on to Best Buy's website. He knew I wasn't going to pay for something so silly. Today I managed to get through to Brother and they told me they would make me a CD and mail it to me with everything I need to install the printer and have it work with Windows 8 and to call them when it is received. I am to tell the tech that Firmware (wish I could read my own writing) has to be installed before the drivers. I am kind of afraid at the moment to download anything. I did know that I couldn't have 2 anti-virus programs at the same time, but since we were paying monthly for anti-virus software I would have expected the "expert" at our provider to know that its anti-virus program would not work with Windows 8. I am sure he does now. And like every idiot I did buy the 2013 Student Office package - after all I did install Windows Office Professional on 2 computers (with CDs) without any major problems so this seemed like a piece of cake! I really only need the Word to be compatible with my husband's office computer. I will definitely follow your very helpful suggestions and as I become more familiar with Windows 8 I will do something about the security. At least at the moment I have something - HP installed the Defender for me so I wasn't about to argue that point at the time - on the phone with India was not easy. It will take a couple of more days to hear from Microsoft about fixing my Office problem - and the using the key more than once - but since I did buy the program I intend to have it installed. I have tried to install toolbars the way I always have - that resulted in zip! I will be looking into the Control Panel and following your other suggestions. Thank you so much for your assistance with this. I am very grateful that the OP posted yesterday!

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Well I tried to follow advice and go to the HP website. Now understand I already had the driver installed and the printer had printed before on the exact same computer. So anyway they had some kind of download for Win8 that was an instant automatic program to make it compatible. The download quit right in the middle so I finally gave up after about 40 minutes at the HP site. So then I went to my Dell help site where I had the remote lady take over my computer. It took 1 1/2 hours for her to get everything fixed up and the printer works now but I am wondering if it will tomorrow. My printer is not some old thing either it's a HP Photosmart Plus B210. So now the next thing will be to see if I can ever get my laptop which is also wireless and on my network to print which right now it won't. Oh well.sigh...Oh and also I cannot access the library anymore on the web with the win8 computer...only my laptop. My friend works for Scott Trade and none of their customers who had win8 could access that web site either but of course Scott trade made some kind of special program for their customers to use so they wouldn't lose their business.

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